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Retail Customers

We have served over 100 Oracle Retail Cloud clients successfully across the globe.


Oracle Customers

Our team has served 1300+ Oracle Cloud customers worldwide across diverse industries.



Our team consists of 2000+ certified consultants, including Oracle Retail Cloud experts.



Evosys has served countries worldwide, including NA, EMEA, ANZ & APAC regions.

Retail Segments Served

We have served Quick Serve/Restaurants, Grocery, Specialty Retailers, Consumer Products, Wholesale Distribution, and Big Box Retailers.

Evosys Glide

We have helped 120+ customers migrate from on-premise to cloud with our home-grown Evosys Glide program.

Value-Based Delivery

Our Value-Based Analytics dashboards give real-time insights and measurable ROI on your cloud investment.

Center of Excellence

Evosys' dedicated CoE maintains company’s best practices for developing and driving new products.

Experience Digital Transformation in Retail

With the majority of sales shifting to online transactions, the retail industry has changed dramatically across the world. With a deep understanding of retail companies' most pressing issues and priorities, Evosys offers a full suite of modern, futuristic Oracle Retail modules. Our Oracle Retail solutions include planning and optimization, merchandising, store management, and insights designed to navigate new complexities through the long term-shift in the retail landscape.

Adapt to the Changing Landscape of Retail

Keep up with the consumers' needs and demands.

Delivering personalized experiences to survive the competition.

Change traditional retail model. Implementing re-invention and innovation to move from a push to a pull model.

Use data for predictive intelligence and implement agile, resilient, and connected supply chains.

Create a collaborative environment (value-chain) that is flexible and adaptable to changing customer needs.

Capitalize opportunities because the line between retailers and manufacturers is almost blurred now.

Vita Group adopts a Faster and Smarter Approach to Innovation with Evosys' Fully-Remote Oracle Retail Cloud Implementation

Vita Group wanted to achieve business benefits through Oracle Cloud Fusion Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Read how Evosys implemented Oracle Cloud PLM to accelerate innovation and introduce new products by efficiently managing items, documents, quality workflows, etc. across globalized supply chains.

A Leading Retail Chain in the U.S. Implements Cloud-based Core Systems with Improved UI to Achieve Real-time Financial Reports

The client wanted to have a robust integrated system to replace its legacy system which was in use for more than three decades. Know how Evosys rationalized all their 35-year-old custom applications to an integrated Oracle Retail system.

Evosys Implements Oracle HCM Cloud for UK's Innovative Food Company

With its Presence across 9 countries - UK, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany & Netherlands, the company operates in more than 500 fully-serviced sushi kiosks The client wanted to implement a single source of truth across 12 entities in 9 countries. Evosys helped them automate their budgeting and forecasting models for all entities in the stipulated timeline and budget.

Gain Real-World Results with our Oracle Retail Cloud Solutions

Easily Manage Logistics with Oracle Retail

  • Leverage functionalities of Oracle Transportation Management Cloud to determine the best way to fulfill transportation needs.

  • Reduce logistics costs and ensure compliance to ensure customer-centric accomplishment with Oracle SCM Cloud.

Forecasting and Analytics Simplified with Oracle Retail

  • Enhance supply and demand planning with Oracle Analytics Cloud's built-in intelligence.

  • Analyze recent customer behavior and monitor demand stream changes in real-time using thresholds and exceptions.


  • Include questions to identify eligible candidates and recruit suitable talent.

  • Get a systematic process to prioritize these candidates to managers for selection.

  • Utilize tax credit services for filing and claiming credits.

Lightweight Point of Sales Application at your Disposal

  • Our custom-built Oracle PoS system is an easy-to-use sales and billing solution.

  • Seamlessly leverage the pricing, discount, and promotion bundle functionality with this solution.

  • Our Oracle Point of Sales system offers an integrated reconciliation process, making it a comprehensive solution for your business.

Maximize Employee Turnover

  • Hire the best workforce. Get quality onboarding processes, including a 90-day plan with initial goals and objectives.

  • Leverage a defined career path.

  • Get clear insights into career development opportunities to retain your workforce.

  • Utilize the benefits of Equitable Compensation Program.

Reduce Labor Cost with Oracle Retail

  • Utilize analytics and break down labor costs. Get higher earnings, avail tax benefits, among other advantages.

  • Get insights about the labor costs by department.

  • View labor costs by store as well.

Conduct Seasonal Hiring with Ease

  • Utilize a comprehensive recruiting solution with marketing capabilities to attract qualified candidates.

  • Maintain a systematic recruiting pipeline for steady candidate flow.

  • With seamless scheduling capabilities, ensure all shifts are properly staffed so you can minimize overtime and save costs.

Enrich Employee Engagement

  • Provide regular feedback to employees on their performance to make operations more efficient.

  • Present your employees with clear goals and objectives of the organization.

  • Once an employee gets confirmed, they can have all the resources needed for their job role.

  • Include regular learning opportunities for improved work efficiency.

Seamlessly Manage Unions

  • With Oracle Retail, capture union-specific earnings, deductions, and benefits.

  • The Collective Bargaining Agreement may have a number of clauses that define how HR and Payroll administration will occur, such as pay period dates, PTO coverage.

Enhancing Oracle Retail Applications with Evosys' Customized Solutions

Seamless Integration with Oracle PoS

  • Pre-built integrations suited for Oracle Point of Sale systems

  • Leverage the power of Procure to Pay

  • Advanced reporting and analytics

  • Accurate item costing and proper financial tracking

Warehouse 360

  • An Evosys product, Warehouse 360, is optimally designed to offer lightweight warehouse management features.

  • Tightly integrated with Oracle ERP Cloud

  • Tailored to meet client's business processes

  • Android-based application

  • Supports end-to-end supply chain transactions

  • Product Genealogy Management (Batch and Serial control)

  • Supports specific off-line transactions

VAN Sales Solution

  • Evosys VAN Sales solution can help increase field workers’ productivity on the go through a user-friendly mobile application.

  • Drive sales, merchandising, and delivery activities everywhere with comprehensive online and offline capabilities.

Trusted by 1300+ Oracle Cloud Customers Globally

Your Partner in the Cloud

Leverage Oracle Retail Cloud to improve time to market and create exceptional customer experiences with Evosys.

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