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How do I embrace Next-gen Technologies for Modernization

How do I accelerate my ROI on technology Investments?

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Delivering Value. Eliminating Risks

When you embark on your cloud migration journey, our measurable KPIs provide agility and 360-degree visibility into the identified high-level benefits. It includes:

  • Cloud migration services with a key focus on self-service and automation

  • Improved user experience with modern technologies on an integrated platform

  • Real-time reporting with a single source of the truth for executive decision making

  • Standardization across business processes

  • Process efficiencies and operational effectiveness

  • 360-degree infrastructure visibility for enhanced efficiency and security

  • Flexible scalability to manage future growth

With Mastek Glide, find all our expertise, experience, and support in one place.

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Based on where your organization fits within our 6-step Mastek Glide approach, we devise a customized road map for your cloud migration journey.

Evosys Glide 4.0 Roadmap

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Our goal is to deliver measurable value to all our clients and help build up their operational resilience with the agility and trustworthiness that they seek. Mastek Glide helps you unlock the power of your data, provide real-time insights, and implement updated versions of Oracle Cloud resources for your long-term success. We are, thus, innovating, evolving, and aiding our offerings as per your requirements.

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A Glimpse at Some of Our Client Journeys'

London Borough of Lambeth, UK

Thank you for all your efforts over the last year and more in bringing the Lambeth Oracle Cloud project to a successful go-live. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with each and every one and the Lambeth team have always been impressed with the skills and deep product knowledge that Evosys team possesses either based on-site at Lambeth or offshore on conference calls.

Jason Martin Independent Consultant advising London Borough of Lambeth, UK
London Borough of Lambeth

Scottish Natural Heritage, UK

Following a tendering process, SNH selected Evosys as the implementation partner. Their extensive experience, combined with a tried-and-tested approach, delivered by an experieced team working on-site made a compelling case. SNH are looking forward to working closely with evosys and oracle to deliver a business solution fit for the next decade.

Patrick Haston Oracle Cloud Project Manager
Scottish Natural Heritage

KU Children's Services, Australia

It went very smoothly. So, it was the experience that we wanted. We liked the process the way they did it. Some of it was on-shore some of it was off-shore, and they also brought people when they needed to work with us on the ground here. We decided to go with Evosys for ongoing support after the experience of the implementation.

Hayden Hills Chief Financial Officer

Technical University of Denmark, Europe

We could see that evosys was agile, they knew a lot of the oracle solutions, not only the cloud solution, but also the technology that was supporting the solution for integration and so on. We needed someone like Evosys to come and present a mirror, looking into which, we can say okay that's how our organization looks like, and what do we need to improve in order to get a better picture.

Mads Henrik Bang Department of Economics and accounting

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