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We have helped 170+ Oracle Professional Services clients globally.


Oracle Customers

We have catered to 1300+ Oracle Cloud customers globally.



Evosys has 2000+ certified Oracle Cloud consultants to assist you through your cloud journey.



We have presence in 40+ countries, including NA, ANZ, EMEA, & APAC regions.

Professional Services Segments

We help Staffing, Consulting, Accounting and bookkeeping, Legal, Marketing/Advertising, and Architecture firms adopt Oracle Professional Services.

Evosys Glide

120+ customers have migrated from on-premise to cloud with our home-grown program Evosys Glide.

Value-Based Analytics

Our VBA focuses on continuously measuring ROI on your cloud investment so your business can deliver outcomes that demonstrate value.

Center of Excellence

Our CoE ensures industry best practices to develop and drive new products.

Leveraging New and Emerging Technologies with Evosys

The recent pandemic has forced professional services firms to adjust their business strategies to rapidly changing market conditions, implement remote working at scale, and prepare for a potential reduction in their clients’ revenues. With Oracle Professional Services, the industry has harnessed digital transformation, re-evaluated its talent proposition, and focused acutely on managing reputational risks.

Focusing on Business Challenges in Professional Services

Cost Capture & Allocations

  • Capturing the time against a contract is challenging and impacts the billing and profitability.

  • Capturing presales cost against the opportunity.

  • Managing Contracted Employees with different payroll & benefit terms.

Intercompany Complications

  • A significant amount of resources is deployed from offshore locations where payroll or credit cards for these employees are processed by another entity which is cross charged to the billing entity

  • Transfer Pricing for Tax & Performance Evaluation

Client & Contract Profitability View

  • 360-degree view for the client & contract

Resource Fitment

  • Aligning the right resource based on project requirement

  • Scheduling the task considering shift and travel preferences

Customer & Legal Compliance

  • Managing customer-specific contract terms and any changes

  • Localization & Taxation requirements- tax structure & filing

Evosys Helps UK's Largest Management Accounting Body with 281,500+ Users Reduce Processing Times by 30%

The client already had PBCS in place, but since it was improperly implemented, the solution was not being used effectively. Evosys helped them enhance the application to make it user-friendly and easy to manage going forward.

USA's Maritime Construction Leader Achieves a Comprehensive HCM Solution with Oracle Cloud

The organization, a proven leader in maritime construction, lacked an online portal for employees and managers and wanted a single source of truth for HCM information. Following the best practices for implementation, Evosys transformed their on-premise HCM to cloud and provided a single source of truth for all their data.

Oracle Professional Services Solutions

Enterprise Performance Management

  • Revenue Forecasting

  • Capex/Opex Budgeting

  • Third-party Statement

  • Account Reconciliation

  • Model what-if scenarios

  • Currency Translations

  • Intercompany Eliminations

  • Consolidations

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Project Contract Creating and Customer Billing

  • Sync Plans with Budget

  • Report and Analyze

  • Control Project Costs and Maintain Profit Margins

  • Project Performance Reporting

  • Financials Reporting

Project and Resource Management

  • Task Management

  • Task Scheduling

  • Project Budgeting, Costing, Closing and Financials

  • Staff the Right People

  • Monitor Project Execution

  • Deliver on Time and on Budget

Human Capital Management

  • Employee master

  • Time-Card Payroll

  • Search for Project Talent

Customer Relationship Management (CX)

  • Lead analysis and Opportunity Flow

  • Quoting and pricing

  • Track, plan and estimate opportunity

Evosys' Custom-Made Solutions for Professional Services

Evosys Smart Self Service

Evosys Smart Self Service

  • Automated system for faster processes; employees, managers and business users can easily manage it.

  • Smart Self Services enhances the self-service capability and overall automation of the solution in Cloud and makes the entire system more user-friendly.

Evosys Workforce Scheduler

Evosys Workforce Scheduler

  • Gain deep functionality for advanced scheduling, analytics, time and workforce tracking, and complex absence management with Evo Workforce Scheduler. Effortlessly manage shifts based on your requirements and business needs.

  • It is an in-built clocking solution that can also be integrated with biometric system.

Evo Variation Order Manager

Evo Variation Order Manager

This solution tracks all potential change requests and variation order within the project. This results in better forecast and cash flow analysis.

Evo Customer Billing Solution

Evo Customer Billing Solution

  • This solution allows the site team to prepare the application for payment and the same would be submitted to principal/developer/customer for approval.

  • It becomes the single source of truth to handle retention, retention release, penalty, and back charges against the contract.

Evo Bank Facility Management

Evo Bank Facility Management

  • Evosys Bank Facility Management extension supports capturing the Bank agreements for the short-term funds.

  • Centralized solution to record Bank arrangements, Letter of Credit, Letter of Guarantee & Loans with ability to track amendments & expiry of the arrangement.

  • Tightly integrated with Oracle Financials to record the accounting & financials impact.

Evo Automated Cross Ledger Intercompany Solution

Evo Automated Cross Ledger Intercompany Solution

  • This solution allows creating intercompany batches for cross ledger transactions.

  • It allows to create intercompany batches with AP/AR Invoicing or GL Journals.

  • Any correction in the original transaction will automatically initiate intercompany correction batches.

Trusted by 1300+ Oracle Cloud Customers Globally

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