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For us at Evosys, delivering measurable value to accelerate the maximum realization of ROI for our customers is of utmost importance. Our Value-Based Delivery (VBD) framework takes from this philosophy to not look at transformation merely as a one-time activity, but rather as a process of re-invention and innovation. The framework is supported with proven accelerators that strategically support us in delivering smoother, risk-free transitions. With VBD, we unlock your ability to 'be the pace' of change with the help of Oracle Cloud. We handhold you through your digital transformation journey, empowering your workforce, and enhancing your processes.

Getting Started

Key VBD Framework Components

  1. Evosys Glide program to help organisations transform to Oracle Cloud from legacy systems (E-Business Suite, SAP, PeopleSoft, Unit4)

    • Insight program - a KPI-driven approach

    • Advisory consulting for leveraging process experience and technology expertise

    • Evosys IP assets & accelerators to support the framework

  2. ADOPT approach for Oracle Cloud implementation

  3. Vertical solutions that leverage domain expertise and deliver industry-specific solutions

  4. Value-Based Analytics across the implementation phases and post-implementation, to monitor and measure the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Value-Based Analytics for your Oracle Cloud Systems

The Problem

Organisations buy new systems with certain business benefits in mind but fail to measure them once the system is in use.

The Solution

Value-Based AnalyticsTM is a tool that has been developed with the focus to measure and monitor ROI for which the system/transformation was implemented.

An efficient way to realize measurable business value with the Oracle Cloud. Enabling you to move from...

Reactive Mode


Guess Work

Proactive Mode

Business Value

Fact Work


Prebuilt KPIs



  • Process Optimization

    Process Optimization

  • System Adoption

    System Adoption

  • Information Output

    Information Output

  • Audit and compliance

    Audit & Compliance

Adding Value to your Cloud Transformation with Evosys Glide

A suite of proven advisory services and transformation accelerators supported by certified consultants with unequalled on-premise to Oracle Cloud expertise and experience.

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