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Catering to a global clientele, Evosys’ presence spans across 40+ countries.


C&E PaaS Solutions

8+ PaaS solutions to customize Oracle Cloud offerings, ensuring flexibility to meet customer demands.

30+ C&E Reports

30+ ready-to-deploy reports like earned value-based analysis, CPI-based & remaining plan-based forecast.

Industry Offerings

C&E specific financial & procurement structures (Like COA, Item Category, Asset Category Structure with values), documentation, key user manual, test script, and presentation.

Evosys Glide

120+ EBS, SAP, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards customers have chosen Evosys Glide for Oracle Cloud transformation.

Value based Delivery

Value based Delivery ensures easy tracking of the efficiency and business value delivered by the Cloud Solution.

Transforming Construction Projects into Collaborative, Connected and Cost-Effective Endeavors

The Construction and Engineering industry is highly collaborative and competitive. Oracle Construction and Engineering solutions by Evosys, efficiently answer questions pertaining to what to do (tasks/activities), how to do (resources required), and when to do it (schedule, etc.). These solutions help you utilize the latest technology in planning and tracking labor, equipment, raw material, safety standards, time, budget, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), subcontracts, communications, and billing to customers. This ensures the engagement of all stakeholders as well as an increase in overall profitability.

The Industry Paradigm is Shifting. Are You?

Construction and Engineering projects are getting complex by the day. The need for smart decision-making, streamlining resources, and flexibility is key to strategic expansions and profitability.

Low margins owing to high overheads

Reduced productivity due to demand and supply gaps

Lack of an integrated system for streamlining business processes

Disorganized cost and schedule management for optimal resource usage

Misalignments between customers and sub-contractors leading to delay in timelines

Lack of resource planning causing over-usage and under-usage of resources

Absence of centralized system for bank alignments and documentation management

Risk of project failure due to one or more of the above issues

Certified HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) inclusions:

Under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), contractors deduct money from sub- contractor’s payments and pass it to HMRC. Both contractors and sub-contractors need to register for the scheme. If sub-contractors are not registered, deductions are taken at higher rate. Evosys provides:

  • Oracle Construction and Engineering solutions designed to ease the process of compliance with CIS requirements and therefore avoid penalties

  • Dedicated dashboard for certificate validity helps avoid mistakes in deduction

Evosys helps MGroup Services Make Their Back-Office become Agile, Resilient and Efficient for Growth

MGroup Services operates across the four divisions of utilities, transport, data and telecommunications, offering a range of infrastructure services in the UK and Ireland. With Evosys as their Oracle Construction and Engineering partner, we have helped them become more efficient with integrated processes, reduced training time and effort, trustworthy reporting and strategic decision making.

Evosys Collaborates with EEI to Streamline its Work Processes, Making them Cost-Effective, Methodical and Smart

EEI Corporation is a leading construction companies in the Philippines. It provides expertise in the construction of large-scale heavy and light industrial projects, infrastructure, and property development projects all over the world. By implementing Oracle Construction and Engineering solutions, Evosys has helped them automate back-office processes for a streamlined sub-contracting and procurement process, apart from enhanced reporting, and cost efficiency.

Implementing Oracle Talent Review and Succession Planning Cloud Service for UK's Independent Commercial Business Body

The client is an independent commercial organization and wanted a robust, effective, simplified and user-friendly solution for their existing support structure. Evosys provisioned a more accurate, paperless system for them.

Innovate your Business Processes with Oracle Construction and Engineering Solutions

Oracle Financials

  • Access real-time financial data and reconcile banks automatically with it.

  • Process supplier payments based on due dates and payment rules, and process supplier invoices using invoice images.

  • Improve decision-making and create new assets automatically with audit trail (payables/projects).

  • Generate customer invoices automatically and employee expense reports.

  • Enhance accuracy with supplier and customer transactions and aging information.

Oracle Procurement and Inventory

  • Oracle Procurement and Inventory is a comprehensive procurement solution, from requisition to fulfillment.

  • Includes features like Negotiation Planning, Sourcing Calendar, Award Analysis, Recent Activities and Recommended Actions.

  • Ensures unified approval workflow and monitoring of warehouse operations.

  • Real-time project-wise inventory and purchasing cost reporting.

Oracle Project Financials and Contract Billing

  • Transparency with real time cost, budget and forecast reporting.

  • Project costing with audit trail and comprehensive budgetary controls.

  • Common and effective standards for project cost collection.

  • Single-click budget generation with trends and historical analysis for project KPIs.

  • Integrated across the enterprise with financials, procurement, time & labor and assets.

  • BOQ-based revenue and billing analysis.

Primavera P6 EPPM

  • This Oracle Construction and Engineering software enables you to plan, schedule and control large-scale programs and individual projects.

  • Helps to select the right strategic mix of projects and balance resource capacity.

  • Helps to monitor project performance versus the visualized plan.

  • Integrates financial management and human capital management systems, helping in team collaborations.

Evosys' Custom-Built Solutions for Construction and Engineering Industry

Evosys in collaboration with the Oracle Construction and Engineering Cloud has tailored these Construction and Engineering solutions with features that favor the business’ growth and agility by delivering flexible and efficient outcomes.

Evo Subcontract Management

  • Tracking of payment

  • Approval driven integration with the finance system

  • Digitalization of the end-to-end process

  • Seamless integration with a third-party system to comply with Government regulation

Evo Equipment Management

  • On-time execution of work

  • Reduction of cost

  • Optimum utilization of equipment

Evo Bank Facility Management

  • Tracking of various bank facilities

  • Save penalty and interest by meeting compliances

  • Forecast for future needs of bank finances

Evo Material Request Management

  • Electronic requesting and online approvals

  • Better material control and management at the project site

Evo Customer Billing Management

  • Efficient customer billing cycle

  • Proper management of work confirmations

  • Billing as per contractual terms

Evo Variation Order Management

  • Effective handling of Potential change requests

  • Reduced cycle time

  • Effective cash flow analysis

Evo Snag Listing

  • Real-time data updating

  • Integrated system

  • Minimal manual intervention

Evo Integration Hub

  • Smooth handover process

  • Avoid delays

  • Avoid penalties and non-compliances

  • Approved execution

Evo Warehouse 360

Evo Workforce Scheduler

  • Evo Workforce Scheduler for time and workforce tracking

  • Advanced scheduling

  • Analytics and complex absence management

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