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We have served over 120+ Oracle Public Sector clients across the globe.


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Evosys has served 1300+ Oracle Cloud customers globally.



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Evosys has served clients in 40+ countries, including EMEA, NA, ANZ & APAC regions.

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We've Oracle Public Sector implementation experience with Local Government, Higher Education, Healthcare, and Transportation & Logistics industries.

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Over 120 customers have migrated from on-premise to cloud with our home-grown program Evosys Glide.

Value-Based Analytics

Value-Based Analytics focuses on measuring and monitoring ROI with continuous improvement for which you invested in the system.

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Our CoE maintains ensures the company’s best practices are followed for driving new products.

Evosys Helps Government Bodies Empower Their Citizens

The public sector is inclined to rapidly adapt to an innovative culture and an agile mindset for transforming business processes and creating new opportunities. Today, the government needs to be accountable towards its citizens, which is why the public sector is on the drive to redesign the value chain of its entire service delivery, including health & social services, physical & digital infrastructure, and defense & public safety. Evosys is on a mission to address these challenges so that public sector organizations can improve outcomes by implementing Oracle Public Sector Cloud solutions.

Public Sector Challenges

External Impacts - Public health & safety

  • Climate change

  • Natural disasters

  • Spike in service demands

  • Mandates and Executive Orders

Current Technical Infrastructure - Aging and expensive legacy systems

  • Insufficient information

  • Information silos

  • Inadequate tools (e.g., email, tele, etc.)

  • Cyber security threats

Process – Government Physical Infrastructure

  • Manual processes

  • Not prepared for remote operation

  • Service requests difficult to receive, triage and track

  • Accessibility issues

New Requirements

  • Accelerated expectations

  • Economic recovery and development (ARP)

  • Accountability

  • Sustainability

  • Transparency

London Borough of Lambeth becomes the 1st Public Sector Organization to be Live on a Complete end-to-end Oracle Cloud Suite

London Borough of Lambeth partners with Evosys to embark on a significant transformation that maximizes the skills of an agile, flexible and digitally enabled workforce.

Suffolk County Council achieves 'A Single Source of Truth’ by Migrating to Oracle Cloud solution

Suffolk County Council partners with Evosys to achieve real-time analytics and best practice processes for 6000+ employees using Oracle Cloud. Learn how we assisted them in their cloud transformation journey.

Oracle Public Sector Solutions by Evosys


Oracle Public Sector ERP solutions help federal, state, local, provincial, and municipal government organizations to secure financial data and build new capabilities.

  • Invoice Self-Service Request

  • Direct Debit Auto-update

  • Construction Scheme

  • Making Tax Digital


Evosys offers real-life enterprise performance management use-cases that can renew existing business planning systems to become smarter, more connected, and agile.

  • Crisis Planning

  • Scenario Analysis

  • Rolling Forecast

  • Fund Impact (REV/EXP)


Deliver value to the public efficiently and effectively with supply chain management solution. Evosys helps governments to optimize processes and navigate through digital disruptions.

  • Sub-contract Management

  • Equipment Management

  • Smart Desk

  • Evosys Customer Billing Solution


Get dedicated HCM tools and insight to meet your specific human resource challenges. Recruit the best talent you need to fulfill government missions.

  • Employee Helpdesk

  • Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Workforce Scheduler

  • HR Chatbot


Fulfill your citizens requirements by providing them with connected experiences whenever needed. Improve responsiveness by streamlining operations and unlocking valuable insights with Oracle CRM.

  • Citizen Portal

  • Loan and Grant

  • Services Pipeline

  • Intelligent Advisor

Trusted by 1300+ Oracle Cloud Customers Globally

Evosys Brings New Thinking to Traditional Processes and Services with Oracle Public Sector Cloud Applications

With our complete Oracle Public Sector Cloud portfolio, adapt to change and deliver connected, smart, and secure government solutions. Our methodologies and tools are designed to de-risk, accelerate and innovate our clients' implementation projects. Our Oracle Public Sector and Government solutions provide industry-leading solutions for social services, self-service and eligibility, economic stimulus, and other programs, at all levels of government.

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