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Oracle HCM is a cloud-based application suite that helps HR to deliver end-to-end solutions to manage every stage of the employee's lifecycle. Right from hiring to onboarding to promotions. Oracle HCM Cloud implementation helps enterprises make faster, smarter, and more strategic decisions.

As a leading Oracle HCM partner, we help you retain and engage the best talent in your enterprise with Oracle HCM Cloud. From seamlessly configuring and documenting all Oracle HCM applications to defining and developing testing scripts, our team ensures you get the most ROI from your Oracle HCM implementation.

The Evosys HCM Edge


Oracle HCM Cloud Customers


Oracle Cloud Customers

Strong Oracle HCM Expertise

  • 950+ Oracle HCM Cloud Customers - 70+ payroll, 30+ global deployment (across North America, Europe, EMEA and APAC), 64+ HCM public sector, 30+ ORC, etc.

  • Certified Oracle consultants with strong knowledge of legislations

  • Insights by subject matter experts during implementation

  • Implementation experience with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified companies

  • Use of RPA for testing, mass transactions, setups and more

  • Innovations and extensions like business travel, workforce scheduler, analytics, chatbots, etc.

ROI-Driven Implementation Approach

  • Utilization of Evosys tools for efficiency: data migration tool, integration repository, report library, usage of RPA

  • Strong project and change management

  • Value-based delivery with best practice recommendations and Value-Based Analytics

  • Dashboard for real-time insights

  • Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE)

  • Custom solution – Evosys Glide for on-premise to Cloud transformation

  • A strong relationship with the Oracle product development and strategy group

Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management Suite offers

As a preferred Oracle HCM implementation partner of over 15 years, we have been consulting, migrating, upgrading, and supporting over 965 global Oracle HCM Cloud customers. We ensure that you can have an accelerated and seamless cloud transformation journey and reap the maximum benefits from these HCM modules:

Global Human Resources Cloud: Align your global HR processes on a single platform that meets compliance requirements across geographies. Modules include core human resources, onboarding, benefits, absence management, workforce directory, HR help desk, work-life solutions, advance HCM controls, to name a few.

Talent Management Cloud: Create an end-to-end talent management process flow that meets your unique goals. Right from hire to retirement, all in one place. It includes modules like recruiting, performance management, compensation, and learning & succession planning.

Workforce Management Cloud: Streamline your operations and labor costs and effectively plan and manage your project timelines and budget. It includes workforce time and labor, strategic workforce planning, health and safety, and workforce modeling & predictions.

Compensation and Benefits: Design a remuneration system to win through the ongoing talent war, allowing you to use targeted rewards for recruitment and retention.

Analytics Cloud: Convert your data into insightful reports for a more informed and data-driven decision while creating both people and business strategies.

Why Choose Evosys for Oracle HCM Cloud Implementation?

Human Resource Management and Finances are traditionally maintained through disparate systems leading to data siloes, duplication, and inaccuracy in reports. However, with HR becoming a strategic change agent across industries and organizations, having integrated HR and finance systems would streamline processes and data across the business workflow.

When HCM and Financial solutions merge, it can bring transparency, real-time visibility, and clarity between budgeting, forecasting & allocation, and workforce management. As both HR and finance leaders, you can jointly reduce redundancy and increase profitability and employee productivity in addition to the following benefits:

  • Provide consistent, intuitive and modern user experience throughout the organization boosting collaboration.

  • Reduce complexity and data redundancy under a single platform provider by combining your Oracle HCM Cloud with Oracle ERP Cloud.

  • Gain high-quality insights, analytics and real-time reports through the common data platform, helping you forge your success path.

  • Simplify your business processes and maintain unified, consistent governance through defined hierarchies and compliance across geographies.

Benefits of Oracle HCM Cloud

Attract the best talent and retain the workforce for tomorrow

Retaining and nurturing a talented workforce becomes easier with Oracle HRMS. It offers professional learning and paves the way for employee growth. Enterprises can recruit the right candidates and increase the hiring speed with Oracle HCM Cloud. Now motivate your employees by increasing engagement and continuously delivering a superior employee experience.

Optimize Workforce Management

Oracle Human Capital Management system allows companies to allocate the right mix of monetary and non-monetary rewards based on the employee's performance. Since Oracle HCM Cloud automates most of the processes, enterprises can easily manage time, labor, and other related expenses.

Transform your workplace for the future

Oracle HCM offers measurable insights to help you anticipate workforce attrition. This way, you can predict and prepare tailored HR processes to cater to your unique needs. Oracle HR Cloud ensures you can quickly adjust the workforce as per organizational changes.

Rethink your HR operations

With adaptability in mind, streamline and digitize your HR processes with Oracle HCM Cloud. It allows you to leverage HR analytics to make more intelligent workforce decisions. Being equipped with a centralized system, you can automate processes on global and local levels alike. Leverage employee self-service to accelerate HR processes.

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