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Our Oracle ERP Success Stories

Garden Spot Communities, USA Transform Their Senior Living Experience by Adopting Oracle Cloud

Australia's KU Children Services migrates from E Business Suite to Oracle ERP Cloud

USG Middle East shifts to Oracle Cloud

London Borough of Lambeth becomes the first Public Sector Organisation to be Live on an End-to-End Oracle Cloud Suite

Implementing a Robust Oracle ERP for One of the Biggest Milk Producing Companies

Action Hotels Partnered with Evosys to Integrate Financials, Purchasing, Projects, Sourcing & Contracts

Evosys Oracle ERP Edge

Backed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, Oracle ERP Cloud systems ensure you surpass your competitors. With cloud technology, you can automate accounting, finance and management processes, along with bringing the overall costs and errors down.

Evosys, one of the leading global Oracle ERP Partners, helps businesses gain resilience and agility by simplifying and personalizing the processes involved. Reimagine your capabilities, unlock innovations and drive overall organizational efficiencies with Evosys’ Oracle ERP Cloud solutions.


Oracle ERP Clients Across the Globe


Oracle Cloud Customers

We were awarded the ‘Oracle ERP Partner of the Year 2019 APAC and ASEAN’ title.

We were given the 'Oracle Global Partner of the Year: ERP Cloud, 2017' title.

With more than 2000 subject matter experts, there is always someone to guide you through the Oracle ERP implementation process.

Value-Based Delivery dashboards provide real-time insights in personalized output formats.

Smooth integrations of IoT hardware and software make digital transformation seem easy.

Our Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) helps strategize effective planning of resources.

We have an immaculate Oracle ERP Software Implementation experience trail with various ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified companies.

Our very own custom solution – Mastek Glide, has smoothened the on-premise to cloud migration journeys for more than 120 organizations.

Our Oracle ERP Cloud Customers

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Oracle ERP Modules


Oracle Cloud Financials includes transparent and centrally governed financials and schemas that help take quick and insightful decisions.

  • Manage all financial processes and requirements in real-time.

  • Comprehensive risk management with layers of protocols and data encryptions.

  • Ensured transparency.

  • Increased capabilities with better visualization and utilization of business assets.

  • Intelligent insights for evolving business models.

With intuitive dashboards and configurable systems, Oracle Cloud Financials enables data-driven decision-making that tends to reduce exposure of resources (by defining accessibility and roles) for enhanced security, and maximize returns.


Oracle Project Management helps organizations improve their project performance with easy collaborations, simplified scheduling, and instant responsiveness.

  • Project managers can stay abreast of the upcoming workforce and process situations.

  • Get valuable insights for smart decision-making.

  • Easy task integration for smooth and transparent work experience.

  • Oracle PPM ensures easy access for managers, anytime from any device. It offers a value proposition for organizations wanting to have a clear view of what is going on in their projects.


Every organization tends to have its own set of procurement requirements and related inefficiencies.Oracle Procurement Cloud is one of the most advanced procurement management systems that helps organizations streamline issues related to procurements. Oracle Procurement Cloud solution helps automate your procurement data into actionable information. Increase operational efficiency, improve vendor and customer experiences, and make informed decisions with Evosys’ Oracle Procurement solutions:

  • Simplify requisitions and generate real-time vendor reports with easy-to-use and configurable dashboards.

  • Reduce procurement costs with easy-to-use and configurable dashboards.

  • Spot ‘process gaps’ with streamlined procurement.

  • Easy-to interpret reports for strategizing better.


Oracle Risk Management and Compliance ensures discreet but direct management of security, audit, and compliance activities. Oracle Risk Management and Compliance solution includes role-based access options and allows monitoring of user activities.

  • Appropriate security protocols ensure that business data remains safe at all costs.

  • Oracle Risk Management and Compliance systems leverage industry best practices to effectively counter all cloud threats and vulnerabilities.

  • It takes into account all the legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

With a standardized framework, Oracle ERP Cloud mitigates risks and provides a safe and smooth customer experience.


Oracle ERP Cloud is a one-stop solution for planning and managing resources, that can be seamlessly integrated with any Oracle ERP software. Oracle EPM Cloud helps drive smarter decisions based on streamlined finance, HR, supply chain, and sales data.

  • Save on administration and system maintenance costs.

  • Its ‘insightful vision’ helps organizations to demarcate profit makers and profit breakers.

  • Data streamlining across all endpoints ensuring insightful and quick decision-making abilities.


To provide a satisfying customer experience, enterprises have been evolving their supply chains. With Oracle ERP Cloud solution, redefine scalability and growth in a progressive manner. Oracle SCM Cloud enhances transparency among finance and operations related to supply chain management.

  • As Oracle SCM Cloud helps in exact demand forecasting, it enables launch of new products, seasonal demand-supply management, low-volume requirements, etc. with ease.

  • Efficiently balance supply and demand.

  • Deploy new services in a secured and agile manner.

  • Avoid extra costs.

  • Enhanced vendor and customer relationship.

Oracle Narrative Reporting

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and insightful data, Oracle Analytics helps businesses align their decisions for growth. It streamlines HR, Sales, Finance, and Supply Chain information together to support cross-domain insights.

  • Effective KPIs and pre-built analytic charts to monitor business performance in real-time.

  • Timely notifications for effectively planning and managing time and efforts.

  • Maximize ROI and the value of data with AI powered analytics.

  • Be future-ready by leveraging Oracle Analytics Cloud to analyze, plan, predict and collaborate for growth.

Unleash your Potential with Oracle ERP Cloud and Evosys

Derive better, implementable insights with advanced analytics, AI and ML and enable finance leaders to be strategic advisors

Access more information for greater analytical acuity and real-time reporting that facilitates end-to-end financial management

Manage accounting, revenue recognition, financial planning and analysis, governance, compliance, risk management, procurement, the financial close, projects, reporting and more with Oracle ERP Cloud

Consolidate and do away with fragmented, legacy ERP systems that cause internal process headaches

Integrate third-party vendors like banks, POS/HIS, etc. for seamless functioning

Carry out financial and project management that supports effective data management

Improve compliance, security, and data protection and privacy

Automate everyday tasks with Oracle ERP Cloud

Reduce/eliminate the need for customization

Reduce costs and improve the quality of your service using Oracle ERP Cloud

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