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With conversations becoming a key part of every business, Oracle Digital Assistant (chatbots) can help companies keep up with customer queries, process employee requests and engage prospects, that too with minimal human intervention.

Unlock Oracle Digital Assistant's Potential with Evosys

Using Oracle Digital Assistant, Evosys builds AI-powered chatbots that are integrated with backend applications and engage users using such backend information. We build highly scalable, customizable chatbots that use natural language processing. These self-learning digital assistants learn from each interaction they have, thereby enhancing their responses with time. With the ability to handle complex conversations and escalate queries to human representatives when required, these digital assistants help businesses respond instantly, improve user satisfaction, save costs and increase business efficiency significantly.

Oracle Digital Assistant
Key Benefits Our Digital Assistants Offer

Key Benefits Our Digital Assistants Offer

  • Oracle chatbot can be integrated with a conversation platform (WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, etc.) that your users are accustomed to.

  • Enable you to focus on business-related activities rather than going through the learning curve of how to use new or existing applications.

  • Facilitate employees to save time in performing transactional tasks like - entering time cards, raising tickets, applying for leaves and learning about new policies.

  • Help employees get answers on policy-related queries, fetch FAQs, answer surveys, fill appraisal and other forms, manage calendars and receive reminders.

  • The Oracle chatbot aids the HR department to focus on tasks that add real value to the business by reducing employees’ dependency on the HR department.

  • Help businesses to do more with less time, money and resources without having to worry about how the backend applications are configured.

The Evosys Digital Assistant Edge

  • One of our key clients achieved a 50% reduction in information processing before investor meetings. They could also access consolidated accounting information using mobile devices and voice commands, with increased ease.

  • Having multi-industry experience, we develop tailored digital assistant conversations that suit your business requirements.

  • The Oracle digital assistants are pre-built and simply require a connection to the existing backend systems in order to start the interaction.

  • These Oracle chatbots come with detailed natural language processing and intent detection implementation to ensure end-users get the right response and customer experience.

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