SAP to Oracle Cloud Migration

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6 Reasons Why SAP Customers are Unhappy?

High maintenance & support costs [1]

Complex integrations[2]

Security concerns [3]

SAP ECC end-of-life support announcement

Absence of a strong business case for SAP S/4 HANA migration

Rigid systems and customizations

How SAP to Cloud Migration Can Help?

Keep up with the accelerating pace of innovation

Respond to market changes quickly

Reduce IT and infrastructure costs sizably

Regular technology updates

Highly scalable and secure

Increased flexibility & collaboration

Why Oracle is the preferred SAP Alternative

Considering the overall cost and effort, it is as good as a brand-new ERP implementation. With the changing dynamics of the modern workplace, enterprises need a solution that is agile, scalable, and adopts industry best practices. They need a Composable ERP strategy to help them face the challenges of the modern world. That is why we are seeing a number of clients opting for Oracle ERP Cloud instead of undergoing the painful S4 HANA migration.

  • Time to value - Shorter implementation projects for faster, more predictable returns on your strategic investment
  • New revenue models - Use the flexibility of Oracle Cloud applications to quickly launch new products and services to market
  • Return to core competencies - Spend less time on running and maintaining technology and more time on your core business strategy
  • End-to-end processes - Fewer 'swivel chair' processes, involving entering data from one system to another. With a single data model, transactions go straight through the entire process without the need to re-enter data
  • Scalability to support growth - Oracle Cloud has been extensively tested for scalability, supporting organizations of all sizes - from SMBs to large enterprises
  • Future-proof - Oracle has a clear vision for the cloud and has been cited by customers to be one of their most strategic technology vendors

Why Choose Mastek Glide 4.0 for your SAP to Oracle Cloud Migration

During the SAP to Oracle migration, Mastek Glide 4.0 framework helps accelerate the process and provides you with 360-degree visibility into the benefits you will realize with the transformation.

Realize up to 40% lower TCO

Increase in staff productivity by up to 70%

Accelerated SAP data migration with Glide 4.0 Data Migrator

Rapid SAP to Oracle Transformation and embrace the core processes

Value-Based Delivery with insights and analytics

Enables proactive customer service with IoT

Improved employee and customer journey with Digital Assistants

Providing Value-Added Oracle Cloud Expertise and Driving Innovation

We understand that implementation alone isn’t enough for on-premises to cloud transformations. Understanding your existing business processes, operations, success areas, and pain points is just as essential.

Hence, we devise a customized road map for your cloud journey based on where your organization fits within our 5-step Glide 4.0 approach.

Why Choose Evosys?

We provide you with the best-of-breed SAP alternative. Our architecture expertise makes it very simple to partner with us for immediate returns, and you are always in control of where to start. We have a proven and decisive approach to the cloud and cloud transformation journey. Thus, creating a noticeable distance between us and the rest of the market.

Delivering measurable value at every instance, we can help you build operational resilience with the agility and trustworthiness that you seek.

Our Clients

What our clients say about us

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you involved, including the Evosys team, the Oracle team, the Applications team, the Finance teamand the Payroll team for this amazing achievement. You have put in a monumental effort and gone the extra mile to make this happen in just three short months. Never in my career have I witnessed a Go-live take place within a span of three months following project start-up.

- Matti Kivekas, Chief Financial Officer, Saudi Airlines Catering Company

We achieved the biggest factor by moving all our processes on to Cloud with addition to automated process for Finances, Reporting, Purchases, etc.

- Leading UK Retailer

It has been the biggest achievement to adopt a digital procurement system using Oracle ERP Cloud with process efficiency and auditability.

- Automobile Sales Internet Company

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