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SAP to Oracle Cloud Transformation
SAP to Oracle Cloud

6 reasons why SAP customers are unhappy?

High support costs[1]

Complex integrations[2]

Security is a concern[3]

ECC end of life support announced, this has been a cause of concern for clients[4]

Inability to build a strong business case for S/4HANA[5]

Rigid systems and customizations[5]

How The Cloud Can Help

The pace of innovation in business is accelerating, which makes it difficult for enterprises to keep up and respond to market changes quickly. And to add to the woe, businesses simply do not have the funds needed to maintain traditional on-premise IT infrastructures that involve costly administration and maintenance overheads. Modern enterprises need their IT departments to shift resources towards technological innovation that helps them thrive and lean on modern Cloud Enterprise Applications to handle the rest.

SAP R3 / ECC is incapable of keeping up with the pace of innovation

Oracle Cloud - The Right Choice

Why choose Evosys Glide for your cloud transformation?

Up to 40%
lower TCO[6]

Increase in staff productivity by up to 70%[7]

Accelerated data migration with Glide Data Migrator

Move to the cloud in as little time as 5 months, embrace the core processes[8]

Value-Based Delivery with Insights and Analytics

Enables proactive customer service with IoT

Improves employee and customer journey with Digital Assistants

Start your journey to the Cloud with the Evosys Glide approach trusted by 100+ Evosys clients globally.

How Glide Works

Evosys Glide is a future-ready Cloud Transformation approach. With the Evosys Glide approach, you can reduce IT infrastructure cost, accelerate innovation and get faster ROI by moving from SAP to Oracle Cloud Applications. The Evosys Glide approach involves the following steps that set it apart from any other transformation approach:

Assessment Tool - Automated tools for analyzing and documenting your current configurations and customizations

Mapping - Modules/licenses, features/functions, process and terminology mapping

Insights - We study and baseline your current infrastructure, processes, people and associated costs and compare these to industry best practices in order to assess your potential ROI as a result of moving to Oracle Cloud

Enhancement Advisory Services - Advice on how to enhance your current implementation to meet the future needs of your business

Integrator - A suite of over 100 pre-built 3rd party integrations

Data Migrator - A set of pre-built end-to-end data migration assets for supporting the extraction, transformation and load

Project Tracker - An Evosys and customer shared live monitoring environment providing total visibility of all project activities

Learning Cloud - On-premise and Cloud terminology and process mapping along with intuitive learning videos

Support Portal - An Evosys and customer shared live support portal

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What Our Clients Say About Us

We achieved the biggest factor by moving all our processes on to Cloud with addition to automated process for Finances, Reporting, Purchases, etc.

Leading UK Retailer

It has been the biggest achievement to adopt a digital procurement system using Oracle ERP Cloud with process efficiency and auditability.

Automobile Sales Internet Company

Ever since privatization, we have been planning a finance system that we could have full control over and which could be developed to meet our business needs. I want to thank you all for helping turn this dream into a reality.

Leading Airlines Catering Company

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1500 Experienced Consultants
Possessing In-Depth Oracle Cloud Know-How

Serving 30+ Countries Across The Globe

40+ Awards & Accreditations
Including Multiple Global Oracle Awards

Oracle Platinum Partner
Global Oracle Cloud Premier Designation
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