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Value-Based Analytics dashboards with 340+ pre-built analytics and 140+KPIs help realize measurable ROI.

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Breakthrough Transformations are the Need of the Hour

Constant innovations, a dynamic work landscape, and ever-increasing competition are some of the driving factors of the High-Tech Industry. Being lean and agile is the new market necessity. Oracle Cloud solutions deliver on all these aspects and more. With technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and a team of Oracle Cloud experts at hand, Evosys can help you adopt Oracle High Tech solutions seamlessly.

Challenges in the Current Industry Landscape

Adaptability to a high number of deliveries (expected in less time) and consequent supply chain management.

Compliance with international taxation, regulations, freight, and transfer pricing (FEMA Rule).

Adaptation to shorter lot sizes. With newer products, entering markets every other day, leaner and meaner manufacturing options are a need of the hour.

Lack of enterprise business intelligence strategy. Realtime reports and data analysis ensure sound and timely decision making.

Shorter time to Market. Accelerated product and service rollouts are necessary to stay at pace with dynamic customer demands.

Scalability issues owing to global mergers and acquisitions. It requires seamless integration of business assets, in an agile and resilient manner.

A disjointed operational, workforce, and financial plan might be making you less efficient. A unified Oracle High Tech Cloud solution can help in streamlining them for better visibility and work-flow.

We Cover Varied High-Tech Verticals

Electronics / Manufacturing

Manage and automate your product development and manufacturing lifecycles as per regulatory policies, with streamlined supply chains, contract manufacturers, and resource planning.


Delivering Oracle High Tech solutions that help semiconductor organizations build seamless supply chains and efficient work processes, with deep analytic insights and innovation.

Software / SaaS

Enhance your customer experience and sales with our innovation-led Oracle High Tech solutions tailored to your requirements and market demands.

Evosys Collaborated with US-based Tektronix to Streamline their Reporting Processes with Oracle Analytics Cloud

With offices in 21 countries, Tektronix is a globally renowned subsidiary of Fortive ($7B revenue) that manufactures testing and measurement devices such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and video and mobile test protocol equipment. Evosys has helped Tektronix modernize its user experience and reporting in the most cost-effective manner with Oracle High Tech solutions.

Evosys Enhances Planning, Finance Management, and Customer Engagement Capabilities for America's Sportable Scoreboards

Sportable Scoreboards is a leading manufacturer of custom scoreboards and LED signage for sporting venues primarily focused on nonprofit and K-12 schools. Know how Evosys has implemented a scalable Oracle High Tech solution customized to their specific needs with value-based pricing.

Improving Business Efficiency and Accountability for UK's Mega Software Company using Oracle Financials solution

The client's portfolio of innovative engineering and industrial software solutions not only revolutionize industries but empower the people behind them. Learn how Evosys has helped them ‘UP’ their customer service and management quotient with Oracle High Tech solutions.

Oracle High Tech Cloud Solution and Evosys Accelerators: The Perfect Partners

End-to-End Solution Footprint

Process improvements for streamlining work procedures

  • Increased efficiency, productivity, agility, and profits with Oracle High Tech manufacturing solutions that help in pricing and freight management, product teardown, manage supply chains, invoice, etc.

  • Reduced errors, holdups, budget overruns, silos, missed deadlines, and redundant work with better all-round reporting and analytics

Integrated solutions for a 360-degree view

  • Improved accountability and transparency with a single-unified data source

  • Leverage Evosys empowered Oracle High Tech Manufacturing Cloud solutions to establish workflow hierarchy and streamline team coordination within your business processes.

Value-Based Analytics for agile and robust decision making

  • Enhanced customer engagement and experience with better demand and sales analytics.

  • Ensure shorter time to market with system utilization, production cycle time analytics, period close inventory reconciliation and procurement analytics

Evosys' Customized Solutions

Evosys helps re-imagine your infrastructure and work processes in a manner that exceeds customer expectations. Our solutions help high tech companies to measure and manage returns on investments.

Warehouse 360

Warehouse 360 enables easy warehouse management as it efficiently takes care of end-to-end supply chain transactions and product genealogy (product and serial number).

Transfer Pricing and Freight Management

Transfer pricing and freight management help streamline transaction costs including demand and supply bills, with options for markups and markdowns.

Online Freight Calculation

Online freight calculation helps reduce logistic costs by utilizing Oracle distribution solutions.

Master Data Management

Master data management, one of the features of Oracle SCM, helps in item management, data governance, and data consolidation for further usage.

3PL Integrations

3PL integrations enable easy working with third-party logistics providers.

Dynamic Demand Forecasting

Dynamic demand forecasting solution helps to make insightful decisions in terms of supply and production.

Purchase Price Management

Purchase price management enables auto-pricing of supplies and raw materials based upon previous purchases.

Cloud Service Procurement

Cloud service procurement enables automated work conformations and invoice generations with retaining and prepayment options.

CPQ Extensions

CPQ Extensions enable trade regulatory compliance checks with the freight service providers.

Trusted by 1300+ Oracle Cloud Customers Globally

Deviating Opportunities and Demand-Supply Curve in your Favor with Oracle High Tech Solutions

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