CSR Annual Report: 2018-19

Bal Sanskar Kendras

Non-formal Education Centres
Juna Koba, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. 382007


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About Jeevantirth:

Jeevantirth literally means “Life Pilgrimage”. Reverence for life is the foundation stone of Jeevantirth Trust. Logo of Jeevantirth suggests that we want world without war. By breaking war based economy and creating a non-exploitative world with Equality and Justice we can bring Harmony and lasting Peace. Whatever we do and whenever we evaluate the work of Jeevantirth, we always keep in our mind our motto – To be full of Joy, Love and Understanding and to spread them. Trustees and workers of Jeevantirth consider themselves as “Lifelong learners”, believing in – Education through life and education throughout life. They also consider Jeevantirth as a school for life lovers, “Jeevan Premio Ni Shala”. Jeevantirth is mainly working in the fields of Education, Environment, Rural Development and Human Rights related issues. Along with direct implementation of the innovative cost effective projects, Jeevantirth has specialized itself in capacity building of the grass-root organizations, teacher’s training and material development. Jeevantirth believes in “Think Globally, Act Locally.” And that’s why Jeevantirth also aligns its work with Sustainable Development Goals.


India is a country of “Young Age”. The demographics of India are remarkably diverse. India is the second most populous country in the world, with over 1.18 billion people (estimate for April, 2010), more than a sixth of the world's population. Already containing 17.31% of the world's population, India is projected to be the world's most populous country by 2025, surpassing China, its population exceeding 1.6 billion people by 2050. However, India has an astonishing demographic dividend where more than 50% of its population is below the age of 25 and more than 65% hovers below the age of 35. It is expected that, in 2020, the average age of an Indian will be 29 years, compared to 37 for China and 48 for Japan; and, by 2030, India's dependency ratio should be just over 0.4.

We strongly believe that we need to invest most in children and youths by inculcating Right Knowledge, Right Skill and Right Attitude to make our beloved country leading to humanity. Keeping this in mind Evosys provided a matching grant as a part of its CSR policy to Jeevantirth for implementing the project of “Baal Sanskar Kendras” – Non-formal Education Centres for under-priviledged children of urban slums.

About "Bal Sanskar Kendras"

“RamaPir No Tekro” - Vadaj is the biggest slum of Ahamadabad where 35 thousand families are struggling to survive; most of them work as Rag-pickers. About 95% School going children of the area study in Municipal Schools. Big student-teacher ratio, lack of awareness on the part of parents, apathetic attitude of the teachers for the children of the unprivileged class, irregularity in attending schools, lack of teaching-learning materials etc. are some of the reasons for their poor performance in the education. More than 50% children of class 5th do not read or write properly. In the beginning, Jeevantirth started just one “Bal Sanskar Kendra” in the area now we are running fifteen such centres in the area. Thus we are directly and regularly covering about 500 children of the most vulnerable sections of the society. Our target is to reach 1,000 such children in near future.

This year children of Bal Sanskaar Kendras learnt very well “VaaGaLe” (Waachan- Reading, Ganan- Basic mathematic operations and Lekhan-Writing) as a learning tool. It was also celebration of childhood time. Children had enjoyed the process throughout the year and did well in exams. It is notable that out of total 752 children, 672 students were appeared in examination where 233 children passed exam with A grade, 278 children with B and 152 children with C Grade. This year Baal Sanskar children have also participated in program organized by Manthan Educational Programme Society, India in association with Khoj Museum and Jeevantirth is happy to announce the launch of the Global Premier of the Play “Gandi Baat” on the Pollution in the oceans carried out by Baalmitra students. The play is displayed globally over https://tvoveralt.altibox.no/tv/channels/194

Student's Assessment

Examination was conducted for all the students of BSKs 1st to 8th Standard. Papers were set in Hindi and Gujarati Medium, each paper consisting of 50 marks. About 80 students were absent due to various reasons such as family migration, illness and community conflict in slum area. Following is details of results

Baalmitra Trainings

Trainings on preparation and use of Teaching Learning Materials were organized on different subjects every month based on training needs.

Baalmitra Meetings

Baalmitra meet regularly at Vadaj Centre to review, plan and discuss about updated TLMs to run the Baal Sanskar Kendra. Meetings are coordinated by the Coordinator. Project Director also spare some time as and when required for any programme related decision or announcement.

Inspection and Class Monitoring

This is very important activities being carried out under Baal Sanskar Kendra Programme where authorized member visit Kendra and conduct surprise test in oral or written form to check progress of children. This helps Baalmitra to improve method of teaching or particular subject to concentrate more.

Programmes & Celebration

Children of BSK participate in various public events, competitions and programme organized by other organization and Jeevantirth. This activity provides space to children to show their talents, confidence and also helpful to get exposure of other children from different schools. Brief note of some of the events and celebrations is given in following page.

Participation in Children Awareness Programme- Good touch Bad Touch

It is very importance to make aware about good touch Bad touch to children. Jeevantirth has organized a programme in coordination with Child Line. On Saturaday, 1st December at VTC. ACP, DCP, GCP, PI and child line members participated in this programme. After welcome of Guest, brief introduction about Child Line was shared by Binal Ben from child line. She said that if there is a problem with the children so that they are surprised, then they can talk by calling at number 1098.

Later topic was well explained by showing a video story in which a Girl Named Komal was suffered from such bad touch case. Her neighbor uncle was giving chocolates and playing with her but one day uncle miss-behaved and from that day, she started feeling unhappy. Then told the whole truth to her mother, her mother took help of ChildLine and problem was resolve.

Celebration of DR. BABA SAHEB AMBEDAKAR’s Death Anniverery on 6th December

In Order to celebrate the day of Dr. B.R Ambedkar Saheb’s 69th Death anniversary, all the children of Jahu ma ni chali , Valmiki rushi ni chali ,Rabari vasahat, VTC center and Chandrabhaga’s children were taken to the statue of Aambedakarji near Dashamata temple and all the people lightened the candle and paid homage to Ambedakar sahib and important message, “Be learned, Get United and Struggle for Change” was spread.

Night Camp

Night camps for BSK children were organized at Serenity Library. Children from V.T.C. Ganesh Nagar, Nirnay Nagar participated in the camp. It was organized to educate children on logistic arrangement, discipline, awareness on environment, birds, trees etc. Children enjoyed butterfly garden, star gazing etc. in groups.

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