Products: Oracle SCM Cloud, Oracle PaaS Cloud

Industry: Retail

About Vita Group

Vita Group is a leading Australian retail chain organization that aims to deliver holistic solutions that effectively fulfill customer requirements and additionally create business value. It is a public listed company, with more than 1600 employees under its aegis.

The company currently owns several brands like Telstra (retail stores for information and communications related products), Sprout (technology accessory brand), Artisan Aesthetics Clinics (premium medical aesthetics brands), SQD Athletica (men’s athletic wear), and Vita Enterprise solutions (technology solutions brand for large enterprises, like the Government, etc.). With more than 130 points of presence across Australia, the company is known to constantly innovate and create value for its customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

About the Project

Vita Group’s Sprout brand decided to implement Oracle Cloud Fusion Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). They thought that Oracle PLM Cloud could deliver business benefits to them. Sprout continuously develops new products and enhances existing products in the fast-moving technical accessories market.

Oracle PLM Cloud accelerates innovation and new product introductions by efficiently managing items, parts, products, documents, requirements, engineering change orders, and quality workflows across globalized supply chains.


  • Absence of consistent and strong support for continuous agile innovation.

  • Requirement of a centralized source to capture ideas, prioritize concepts important for product innovation.

  • Support for newer product developments and related data.

  • Needed to develop a central repository for all the historic and present product data.

Major Achievements

  • Vita Group is one of the few companies in Australia to have implemented Oracle PLM Cloud.

  • The project was delivered 100% remotely with only internet communication.

  • Despite being implemented remotely, the Vita Group Oracle PLM Cloud project was deployed successfully and completely within 4 months.

  • Vita Group is a JDE client for financials and manufacturing. Although electronic integration was planned, the item master integration from JDE to Oracle Fusion is being completed via a manual file upload. This highlights that Oracle PLM Cloud can be successfully implemented to work with third-party systems.

  • The Evosys Team managing to creatively build a solution to accommodate Vita’s four-phased product development approach without customizations.

Business Benefits

  • With a faster and smarter approach to innovation being implemented, the Vita Group were able to create and add more value to their customer experience.

  • A centralized repository of all innovation data was established for future re-use.

  • It increased their reporting capability to access the status of ideas, requirements and concepts.

  • The Oracle PLM Cloud implementation was able to automate the complete process right from product innovation to end product. This helped eliminate number of spreadsheets being used as well as the tedious, repetitive manual processes.

Critical Success Factors

  • Excellent client relationship and both teams worked collaboratively.

  • Excellent teamwork, self-motivated hardworking teams.

  • Identifying and addressing the business needs quickly .

  • Working closely with the client to develop trust in the solution.

  • Regular updates and review meetings.

  • One team approach to keep the project on track and milestone completion.

Why Did Vita Group Choose Evosys?

Evosys is renowned for its team of Oracle Cloud experts who have been delivering measurable outcomes with business value. We collaborated with the Vita Group team to tailor a solution that eminently supported the research management and product development domains of the Group. The whole process also helped develop a partnership based on mutual trust.

Solution Employed

  • Oracle Fusion Cloud Innovation Management

  • Oracle Fusion Cloud Product Data Hub

  • Oracle Fusion Cloud Product Development

  • Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Quality Management

  • Oracle Product Hub Portal

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