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Our Manufacturing Success Stories

BOE Group, USA

Evosys enabled BOE Group to unlock the value of data, maintain regulatory compliance and drive business benefits with Oracle Cloud Solutions

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Bimeda, UK

Evosys helps Bimeda Holding standardise and streamline its overall HCM process globally with its Oracle HCM Cloud Solutions

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NEC Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., APAC

Evosys successfully implements Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud Solution for NEC Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. for a faster, streamlined recruitment process

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Manufacturing Industry Challenges

  • Lack of systems to keep up with new market demands, new products, and new disruptive technologies

  • Lack of responsiveness to changes in demand and product mix

  • Inability to manage supplier performance better in terms of risk, reliability, and quality

  • Inability to control and optimize costs

Key Solution Benefits

Our manufacturing industry solutions enable you to be a step ahead of your competitors with intuitive insights and enhanced processes. With our manufacturing solutions you can:

  • Sense demand for each customer segment and balance supply to meet ever-changing customer demands
  • Align manufacturing to customer needs while orchestrating with your contract manufacturers
  • Optimize inventory, while improving customer service level by delivering every order to every customer on time
  • Reduce your time to repair using the Maintenance Cloud

Oracle Industrial Manufacturing Solutions

Oracle Industrial Manufacturing Solutions

Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud

Simultaneously balance supply and demand and gain management insight into your extended supply chain

Oracle Manufacturing Cloud & Oracle Quality Management Cloud

Oracle Manufacturing Cloud & Oracle Quality Management Cloud

Visually define your production process with required quality check procedures and efficiently create, execute and cost your work orders

Oracle Manufacturing Intelligence

Oracle Manufacturing Intelligence

Leverage systems and analytics for visibility, agility, customer responsiveness and complex global accounting

Evosys Manufacturing Accelerators

Integrated Time Management: Integrates timesheets filled in Oracle Time & Labor to work orders for actual work hours. It can also be extended to third party Time & Labor Applications.

Demand Forecasting Solution: This extension for Planning Central Cloud generates demand forecasts based on custom business logic.

S.M.A.R.T Desk: Meant for customers requiring an internal service desk solution without the Maintenance Cloud, this solution is integrated with the Inventory Management Cloud.

Catch Weight Sales Solution: Order management extension for distribution/trading industry requiring order capturing and fulfillment in multiple units of measure.

Integrated Shop Floor System: Solution for manufacturing customers who require integration with third-party manufacturing execution systems and quality systems (LIMS).

Purchase Price Management: Procurement extension for customers who require auto pricing of procurement documents based on historical purchases.

Mobile Supply Chain: Provides mobile transactions for supply chain transactions including maintenance, manufacturing, and label printing as well as offline support for inventory accuracy transactions.

Online Freight Calculation: Extension for CPQ Cloud that provides automation for default freight rates for freight service providers like UPS, Pitt Ohio, etc.

Equipment Tracking & Maintenance Billing: Extension for OEMs to track equipment and serial as well as non-serial controlled components. Integrated with supply chain execution and customer experience processes, it also enables work order billing with field service touchpoints.

Cloud Service Procurement: Meant for organizations having milestone-based purchase orders and dependent payables processes, it manages work confirmations for invoice generation and provides the retainage & recoupment prepayment functionality.

The Evosys Manufacturing Edge

    • Implementation for companies certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
    • Insights by subject matter experts during implementation
    • Value-Based Delivery dashboards for real-time insights
    • Highly certified Oracle consultants
    • IoT solutions to manage digital transformation
    • Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE)
    • Cross-functional expertise and strong industry know-how
    • Strong understanding of the global business processes and in-depth knowledge of localisations
    • Onsite/Nearshore/Offshore implementation mode
    • Custom solution – Evosys Glide for on-premises to cloud transformations


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