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Who's Moving to Oracle Cloud and Why?

3 Case Studies on Evosys Glide Program Built for Assessing, Planning & Executing E-business Suite Transformation to Oracle Cloud Applications

Date and time

May 26, 2021
11 AM - 12 PM EST


Does this sound familiar?

  • We have too many customizations

  • There's no value in moving to the cloud

  • It's too risky

  • It's cheaper to upgrade

  • It's too expensive and lacks ROI

  • We aren't ready for a business transformation

  • The cloud isn't ready for our industry and business

  • It's easier to lift and shift to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Join us to dispel some of these concerns.

Evosys Glide Program is proven approach and tool kit which helps E-business Suite customers to de-risk the Oracle Cloud transformation, with quality, ease and efficiency. Please join this webinar to learn more on 3 customer case studies with different situations and motivations and how they have leveraged their move to Cloud.

Case Study for Situation 1: How should I start my Oracle Cloud Journey?

Case Study for Situation 2: I want to create a Business Case for the Oracle Cloud transformation and measure my investment and success!

Case Study for Situation 3: Tell me what tools Evosys Glide program has? Don't just talk about your approach!


Snehal Chaniyara

Customer Success Leader, Evosys

Rick Anthony

Vice President - Sales, Evosys

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