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Value-Based Analytics:

Get predictable ROI on your next Oracle Cloud Implementation

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February 3, 2021
01:00 – 02:00 PM EST


In the days before Cloud Applications, back-office implementations (ERP, SCM, HCM) always started out with good intentions. Carefully built use cases attached to a business case with expected ‘ROI', was the name of the game.

While in reality, you were left lamenting, “We’ve been implementing for 3 years, can I just get my life back!” and ROI was forgotten.

With the advent of Cloud SaaS applications and shortened implementation cycles, companies can now focus on what 'good’ really looks like after go-live.

Which leads us to the quandary:

How do I measure success in today’s competitive, global business landscape?

Evosys has developed its own proprietary Value-Based Analytics (VBA) model to help you assess whether you’ve got your money’s worth on your technology back-office investment.

Our VBA model presents intelligent dashboard analysis powered by process-centric and strategically driven KPIs, that fulfil:

  • Process Optimization

  • User Enablement and System Adoption

  • Information Output and Holistic Visibility

  • Audit and Compliance

Identify and map from our library of 175 KPI measurements. A glimpse of our KPI library:


  • Improve Invoice Approval Cycle Time

  • Vendor Payment Cycle Time

  • Optimize Cash Discounts & Credit Saving


  • Requisition Approval Cycle Time

  • Supplier Delivery Performance (Promise Date to Delivery Date)

  • In-Transit Inventory Account Reconciliation


  • Attrition & Turnover Rate Analysis

  • Learning Effectiveness

  • Performance Process Completion Status & Analysis

Once mapped, Evosys will execute its superior implementation programs to help you achieve your SLAs and maximize ROI. We will stand behind your investment with one of our own, a significant payment milestone will be attributed to KPI attainment. Our past success allows us to share the risk of your implementation with our own guarantee!

Join this webinar to find out how you can achieve the value you’ve been wanting in your next technology investment.


Snehal Chaniyara

Customer Success Leader, Evosys

Rick Anthony

Vice President - Sales, Evosys

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