Manual processes are holding your organization back. We have not seen a single business that does not have manual processes that can be automated with today’s technology.

Manual processes -

  • Slow down your organization reducing customer satisfaction

  • Introduce manual errors and lead to costly fixes

  • Cause fatigue and boredom in employees and hurt their morale

Organizations around the world are turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to become more efficient in the face of rapidly changing business environments. Leveraging RPA enables enterprises to optimize operations, navigate risks and keep pace with the growing service demand.

As industrial robots transformed the factory floor, RPA bots transform back offices. RPA bots replicate employee actions like opening files, inputting data, copy pasting fields in an automated manner. And the best part -- setting up an RPA bot doesn’t even require knowing programming!

Join us for this interactive, live session where our innovation experts will share insights on -- the key RPA trends impacting Human Resource (HR) and finance processes, how you can automate mundane and repetitive tasks to optimize turnaround time and reduce costs, the business values of deploying RPA and much more.

Why Attend?

Learn about the innovations and enhancements that RPA offers

Know how RPA can help you become a future-ready organization

Learn how you can accelerate your digital transformation journey

Understand the challenges of not adopting to intelligent automation and the opportunities it provides


Shabbir Vohra

Regional Manager - Innovations, Evosys

Arpan Makwana

Senior Vice President - Innovations, Evosys


The business benefits of implementing RPA

Automating processes within your existing HR systems

Streamlining finance department processes with intelligent automation

Business case study

Q & A

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