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Knowledge Management with
Higher Education

Date and time

17th November 2020
11:00 AM GMT


The Open University is Europe's largest university, with over 200,000 students at any one time enrolled on a mode of study.

Knowledge management is key in any large organisation and keeping track of the latest information and guidance to front line staff is essential to the client, applicant and student experience. Using Oracle CX Service cloud, the Open University will discuss how they use "knowledge module" to drive forward their business, empowering over 400 front line staff on the phones to provide accurately and timely responses to inbound questions. The approach to knowledge management allows the University to quality control their messaging and quickly adapt to any chances in the core portfolio. The Open University handles over 30,000 calls per week, and this solution is mission critical to the service offering they provide.


Andrew Garner

Account Director-Sales, Evosys UK

Liz Vosper

Senior Manager, Knowledge Management & Quality, Academic Services at Open University

Phil Summons

Police & Higher Education Director, Service Cloud CX Solutions at Oracle UK


30 Min

The Open University:- Knowledge Management with Oracle Cloud.

Liz will showcase how the Open University utilises the power of Oracle CX Service cloud knowledge management to service the wide array of courses which the OU offer out on a global basis. The ability to quickly find information for their agents on a particular course is critical to the Universities success in converting an applicant into a student, which are the life blood of any University.

Liz will show practical real-world examples of how the University leverage the solution, and briefly discuss the plans for the future.

10 Min

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