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Over the past few years, the adoption of HR cloud applications has gained momentum. Leading organizations are seeking strategic directions on the roadmap while considering options available to simplify Oracle HCM Cloud integrations. In this session, Evosys in partnership with Oracle offers fresh insights into how a 'Digitally Powered Solution' can help drive HCM adoption with interactive guidance, contextual self-help, real-time support, and much more.

Oracle's HCM Cloud solution allows your company to align your human resource strategy in a way that supports your business goals today and in the future; thereby simplifying a complex working environment. That's because this solution strategically incorporates artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), HCM analytics, mobility, and digital assistants like chatbots in a way that allows your enterprise to augment human resources with modern technologies.

Join us for this live webcast to understand how you can expand your Oracle HCM Cloud investment into new areas and help your HR leaders, management, and employees make faster, smarter decisions with Oracle Cloud HCM. And get actionable insight to drive the business forward with Oracle Cloud technology and transform your organization.

Key Takeaways

Hear Live Success Stories

Get Live Insights from Cloud experts

Know the Benefits of Deploying Human Capital Management (HCM)


- Digital Assistant
- Oracle Recruitment Cloud
- Strategic Workforce Planning
- HR Help-Desk
- Fusion HCM analytics
- Talent Management
- Health and Safety

- Evosys Offering to Scenarios + Case studies (from Saudi / GCC)
- HCM mobile
- Digitalizing Self services

Customer Spotlight



Abdullah AlJuhayman

HCM Solutions Engineering Leader


Ahmed Abdel Kareem

HCM Solution Architect

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