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How Chatbots Can Enable Your Smart Working Transition

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Date and time

23rd June 2020
12:00 PM SGT | 2:00 PM ACT


According to a survey by The Guardian, "once normality returns, enterprise executives would focus on new investment in digital and technology, possibly with added energy".

In the light of the epochal changes that COVID-19 is bringing to the present (and future) of work, where everything seems to be more online than ever, enterprises are revolutionizing both internal and external communication processes in order to adapt to the new normal.

In this context, chatbots are playing a key role in making organizations future-ready and more proactive towards their customers and employees, by providing immediate replies to up to 70% of the most repetitive queries.

Join this webcast to learn how chatbots can help your organization enter a new era of smart working and smart customer support.


Francesco Stasi

Co-Founder, BotSupply

Dhaval Acharya

Practice Manager (Analytics), Evosys



What is smart working and how the current circumstances are going to shape it


Technologies used for smart working: old and upcoming


How chatbots positively impact remote teams for both internal and external operations


Chatbot examples and quick product demonstrations


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