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At Evosys, we've seen a growth in our SAP to Oracle customer base by 46% over the last quarter alone.

Our new customers tell us that their key reason to move was that the crisis had forced changes in their approach to the market and yet their SAP backend systems couldn't accommodate quickly or without significant cost both in development, people and key-time.

The significant lack of agility is a growing concern that could dramatically affect businesses in ways that they may not recover. They were also finding that talent was becoming scarce and costly with all the issues this situation brings.

Whatever may be the trigger for you to look towards Cloud, the messaging we gleaned from our new clients from SAP is clear:

  • Deliver a solution that reduces both upfront and annuity costs
  • Deliver our platform quickly; enable us to exploit new technologies from the get-go
  • Reduce our reliance on expensive specialists that we had previously retained

The overall goal is to deliver a business blueprint that is flexible enough to enable you to maintain your market and succeed.

This recorded webinar features answers to questions like:

  1. Is there a better option for my business than just migrating to S/4HANA?
  2. How do I reduce my costs whilst increasing the delivery capability of my business solution?
  3. How would Evosys manage my transition?
  4. What is the average duration to implement Oracle Cloud?
  5. How should I build my business case to convince my organization to move to the cloud?
  6. How should an organization prepare for transformation?

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Martyn Hope

VP Business Acceleration,
Evosys Global

Vikas Surani

Sr. Presales Manager,
Evosys Global

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