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Date and time

22nd September 2020
10:00 - 11:00 AM BST


An ideal outcome of your new cloud system is to have streamlined, integrated and optimized processes, a self-sufficient workforce and efficient systems. But this cannot be achieved by just implementing systems. The key hallmark of a successful cloud transition is the continuous measurement of business outcomes against agreed KPIs. This enables you to realise the benefits of your current IT investments and to plan future investments.

At Evosys, delivering measurable value to accelerate the realization of maximum ROI for our customers is at the core of our offerings. Our Value-Based Delivery (VBD) framework facilitates this by enabling cloud implementation as part of an ongoing enterprise transformation.

Join our experts and cloud specialists us to find out how our Value-Based Delivery and Analytics offerings can bring a paradigm shift in the way you look at your systems.

"VBD helped uncover duplicate invoices paid and saved us a whopping $80,000 within the first month of deployment"

- A Prominent Healthcare Customer

Key Takeaways from the Session

How Oracle Cloud can help you to navigate the post-COVID 19 reality

The Evosys Value-Based Delivery framework Value-Based Analytics: The KPI-driven approach to value realization (The CEO/CFO’s perspective)

Success story: How [customer name] made their business goals a reality with Evosys

Why Attend?

Learn about the innovations and enhancements Oracle Cloud offers

Understand the challenges that remaining on-premise pose and the opportunities VBD offers

Find out how Oracle Cloud can help you to become a future-ready organization

Learn how you can accelerate your digital transformation journey


Vikas Surani

Sr. Presales Manager, Global, Evosys

Kelvin Worley

Vice President - Evosys UK & Ireland

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