Worried about the financial health of your projects?

Join us to learn how Evosys’ CVR Solution (Cost Value Reconciliation) can help!


19th September 2019


10:00 AM - 10:45 AM BST

Cost- value reconciliation (CVR) serves two important purposes:

  • Forms the basis of statutory accounts.

  • Provides management information to assist in the identification of problems, the need for reserves, the reasons for loss and the information to prevent repetition of such losses.

Do you still rely on Excel spreadsheets for your CVR's?

On the 19th of September, Oracle will be hosting a webinar, together with our Partner Evosys, to show you how our CVR solution will help you track the profitability of construction projects throughout their lifetime. Join us to know how you can easily identify potential commercial problems at an early stage, forecasting and ensuring profitability – and ultimately help you to avoid costly construction claims.

By attending this Webinar you will gain a deeper understanding of:

The characteristics of an effective Cost Value Reconciliation Solution

Cost reports to manage projects and detect the early warning signs of troubled projects

Forecasting from actuals and feeding these forecasts back into the system

The role of technology in enabling effective and efficient cost value reconciliation practices


Arun Sunkara

Principal Consultant-EPM at Evosys

Steve Molloy

Oracle Digital Solution Consultant


Keynote session by Steve Molloy, Oracle Digital Solution Consultant

Demonstration of Evosys standard CVR solution

Overview of project reporting

Risk Flagging report to assess project health

How to enter forecasts and budgets to track project expenditure

Why M Group Chose Evosys and Oracle?


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