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Taleo Implementation At Kent County Council (KCC)

Taleo Implementation
Kent County Council (KCC)


Kent County Council (KCC) is the county council that governs the non-metropolitan county of Kent in England
The council is responsible for public services such as :



Strategic planning

Emergency services

Social services

Public safety

Waste disposal

Number of Employees : 15000 (+)

Number of Users : 1500

Project Outline

Integration with 3rd Party Software – Integration with Job Centre Plus

Project Kick Off Date : 01-December -2013

Project Go Live Date : 02-June-2014

Taleo Modules Implemented

Oracle Taleo Platform Cloud Service

Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service

Oracle Taleo Recruiting High Volume Cloud Service

Oracle Taleo Onboarding Cloud Service

Resource Details

Evosys Resource Details

Project Manager : 1

Functional Consultant : 1

Solution Architect : 1

Technical Consultant : 1

Client Resource Details

Project Manager : 1

IT Team : 2

Business Needs

To implement Taleo – Talent Management solution for streamlining the recruitment and onboarding process

Integrate Taleo with core HR or other systems

Provide recruiting related data analytics to business users

Automate, centralize and reengineer old business processes


Ownership and responsibilities were indistinct

Being public sector changing Business Process was not easy and had to go through approvals

Being public sector, users availability for adhoc sessions was difficult


County was conducting recruitment activities manually and was mostly paper based and chose Evosys as a preferred partner to implement Recruiting and Onboarding.

Evosys proposed to integrate the system and job distribution which was the major bottleneck for the county and custom integration was created to solve this issue.

Business Benefits

100% Adoption of the product

Paperless process

Productivity and efficiency of users increased

Centralised online system

Responsibilities and ownership was clearly denied and all ambiguities from past were removed

Time to Hire decreased

Value Addition by Evosys

Trained County team to handle future extensions and enhancements themselves.

County users were trained on scenarios and concepts and individual attention was given to build competency.

Evosys was flexible with the scope and took detours to ensure changing business needs were captured during the later phases of the project close to golive.

Documentation were designed as per county requirements.

Implementation cost was saved by executing project in onsite offshore model.

Critical Success Factors

Implemented Taleo in 4 months

Developed key competencies in KCC team to maintain and run the product

Conducted personalized Taleo trainings

Created documents as per KCC requirement

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