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Case for Change

Retail and distribution business is ever growing and dynamic in all sectors – whether it is electronics, clothing & fashion, accessories, food, pharmacies or super markets. Whether it is stores, warehouses or retail joints, it is of key importance to plan for the products and outlets. With the volatile market, seasonality and changing business scenarios, key stakeholders tend to forecast their profit and loss by store or by product. This increases the efficiencies in business operations and better planning for manpower, inflow and out flow of products and ultimately profit margins.

We offer a self service business application integrated with the transactional system that provides platform for better planning. The application is built as per the best practice from Retail and Distribution business, enabling the business users to manage the solution directly with minimal / no IT involvement. The application is built on the world class Planning Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) from Oracle.

Key Features

  • Strongly binding operational activities with financial goals
  • Intuitive and easy to use role based web interface
  • Access the application from Microsoft office products like excel, word, outlook, etc
  • Top down and bottom up planning
  • Built in commentary and annotation capabilities
  • Flexible approval workflow features
  • Excellent data validation rules to avoid approval / rejection cycles
  • Robust reporting and ad-hoc analysis with formatting and charting options
  • Automated integration with source systems for data upload
  • Accessibility from mobile and tablet devices
  • Facilitates finance in decision making process

Business Benefits

  • Total control over planning process
  • Improved accuracy in sales and inventory planning
  • Fully automated and driver based planning and forecasting
  • Event and seasonality based plans
  • Optimize manpower requirements
  • Planning for operational and overhead expenses
  • Planning for capital expenses by asset and automated depreciation
  • Cost of sales and storage calculation based on business drivers
  • Feasibility of opening new stores / outlets
  • Setting and monitoring operational and financial KPIs
  • Measuring KPIs of sales and regional managers
  • SKU wise planning and forecasting
  • Store / unit wise comparison of performance
  • Allocation of overhead cost to derive store / unit wise profitability
  • Store / unit wise P&L and inventory management
  • Consolidated financial statements for the organization
  • A very flexible and scalable solution

Key Solutions Points

  • Streamline the Planning & Budgeting process with utmost accuracy
  • Plan for the upcoming period collaboratively
  • Increase the accuracy of sales and reduce item ageing in warehouses
  • Plan better for the upcoming periods
  • Judge expansion in a precise manner by what if analysis

Provides a step by step process oriented work flow

Analyze current trend & profitability by store / outlet / warehouse

Preparing Forecast for the Current Year

Event based planning for sales and revenue

Store / outlet wise P&L by each month

Secured Accessibility from Excel sheets

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