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Case for Change

Whether it's a desire to avoid the volatility of the stock market or to the proliferation of the "get rich quick" in real estate books, more and more people are investing in real estate. Often these investors and companies find out that managing property is not as easy as they thought and are required to bring in automated software to manage and lease their property. More forward-thinking organizations should use these tools as a catalyst for fundamental change— shifting from short-term operational management to long-term financial management—which will require deeper business insight and better finance efficiency across all asset classes.

We offer a self service business application integrated with the transactional system that provides a platform for better planning. The solution is built on world class Enterprise Planning Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) from Oracle.

In a constant period of change, the organizations need to be:

  • Adaptive: they should be able to modify or remodel and adjust their actions for an innovative purpose
  • Pro-active: they must be able to prepare for, intervene in, and control unexpected situations. They need to anticipate obstacles.
  • Responsive: Being responsive and reacting quickly can make all the difference.

Scientific planning is highly critical for the below areas:

  • Service or product portfolios
  • Competitive pressures
  • Organization goals and objectives
  • Financial Plans
  • Strategic Workforce Plan
  • Operational Expenses Plan
  • Revenue based on leased properties
  • Planning for expansion

Key Information in Real Estate and Leasing

  • Scenario modeling based on various assumptions
  • Impact of changing market conditions
  • Analysis of property demand by region
  • Sensitivity analysis and improve profitability
  • Identify non-profitable activities
  • Visibility of future demand of workforce

Business Benefits

  • Budget preparation using property data
  • Automated business planning
  • Fully integrated with transaction system
  • On the fly reporting for decision making
  • Correct staff mix for optimum operations
  • Robust approval flows and security
  • Quick reforecast for changing market conditions
  • Increased planning accuracy leads to increase in profitability and reduction in cost


  • Market Leasing Assumptions
  • Driver based solution for automation
  • Enhanced budgeting for properties
  • Accurate Revenue planning
  • Region wise analysis of performance
  • Long term financial plan
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • P&L, CF & BS Planning

Return By Property Type - Last 5 years

Occupancy Analysis By Region

Tenant Analysis by Region

Vacancy Rate Vs Leasing Rate

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