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Domain and technology experts work with client teams to map the entire mobility landscape for an enterprise, set priority, RoI analysis

Design & Development

Experienced technology team to take up onsite or offsite mobile solution design and development to mobile enable enterprise systems & processes


In-depth testing of mobile solutions right from functional to regression, performance and load testing


Porting an application from one mobile OS to another without losing any feature or user experience


Software and hardware Security experts help ensure mobile solutions and critical enterprise information are protected from landing in wrong hands

Device Management

Assist clients in end-to-end device management right from device identification, remote device management, data management on device and device recycling

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Mobile Platforms

iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Blackberry (phone, tablet), Windows Mobile, J2ME, Symbian, HTML-5


ERP (SAP, Oracle EBS, MS Dynamics), CRM, Database (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Sybase), All enterprise system that provide Webservices or API based access to its information


Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, CPG/FMCG, Retail, Telecom, Publishing, Education


  • In the past decade, mobile has become an integral part of our daily lives in many ways. Enterprises can use this fact to their advantage. Enterprise Mobility is all about mobile enabling businesses, enterprise systems and information. With Enterprise Mobility, it is now possible to address two major business gaps:

  • Take business information (residing in their backend systems) closer to its management and managers

  • Capturing information from users in the field and integrating it back into backend systems in real time

  • It expedites and enables informed decision making.

The Solution "Evosys Smart Self-service for Oracle Ebiz"

  • “Evo Business Approvals for Managers“ enables Oracle EBS approval notification and workflow on a manager’s smart phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad).

  • Through this application, an approver gets notified about new notifications in real time. He views the notification (say a leave request or ticket notification) submitted by his subordinate and takes action – all of this in a few clicks on his mobile.

  • Attachments, if any, can also be downloaded and viewed on the mobile before taking an approval decision.

  • When new notification is generated, use get Push Notification alert in his mobile to inform that new notification is generated.

  • Data store locally, so, user does not call web service every time,it works Offline like Gmail.

  • If the approver wants to request more info from some other colleague or reassign to someone else, he can do that too. The application has been carefully designed ensuring a highly intuitive and easy to use mobile interface.

  • “Evosys Smart Self-service for Oracle Ebiz” integrates seamlessly with Oracle EBS's approval workflow system. It is enterprise class software and takes care of all security requirements. It is easy to deploy and configure. New workflows of your choice can also be enabled with little effort.

Ebiz Approvals Covered Under Evosys Smart Self-service

  • Ticket Approvals

  • Timesheet Approvals

  • Absence Management Approvals

  • iExpense Approvals

  • Absence Creation

  • Note : All Custom Transactions/WF’s Approvals can also be configured in this Mobile Application which we have implemented like

  • Purchase Order Approvals

  • Payment Approvals

  • HR Offer Approvals

  • HR Vacancy Approvals

  • EIT Creation

  • Receipt Creation

  • Ticket Creation

Solution Overview with Sample Screen Shots

Login Settings
BPEL Settings for the Server

The BPEL settings includes the endpoint URL of the SOA server which provides the integration connection with Oracle EBS. The Login credentials are required to access Oracle EBS Notifications.

Work-List Type Settings

This Application supports multiple work list types as HR Absence, Ticket, Timesheet and IExpence. One cannot access a work list unless one or more work list types are enabled in the settings. This application is in two language English and Arabic.

Splash Screen

Mobile Application for Self Service Human Resource (SSHR)


Notifications Page for Absence

  • By default, Absence Notification is display.

  • Pull to Refresh is use for data loading.

  • After refresh list, new item is display highlighted colour.

  • User can also perform Mass Approve or Reject.

  • If change another notification, please left-to- right swap or click on MENU icon. Slider is display and select another type of notification.


User can see Entitlement Balance and fill up Leave through Mobile Absence creation

Ticket Creation

The Manager can raise ticket request using Create ticket

Absence Notification Page

To Approve and Reject Item

Click on Approve or Reject button for performing action.

Actions on notification

To Perform More Action

User is also perform Request More Info and Return For Correction. And also download attached attachment in notification.

Request More Info and Return for Correction on notification

A manager can communicate with employee using request more info action

Push Notification Alert

Push Notification

User get alert when he get new notification in Ebiz

Mobile Application for Supply Chain Management

Payment Notification

User can get payment notification and further can perform actions based on it

Invoice Notification

User can get line wise invoice notifications

Multiple lines are displayed in Invoice detail screen

Purchase Order Notification

User can get line wise Purchase Order notifications

Multiple lines are displayed in requisition line screen

Mobile Application for Financials

iExpense Notification

Once the user enters all the expenses occurred later the manager can get expense notifications

Technical Architecture and Components

Oracle Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition

Technical Components Involved

  • GUI : Android OS , Black berry OS and iOS

  • Middle Ware : Oracle SOA Suite

  • Adapters : Oracle Application Adapter

  • Connector : Evosys Business Approvals Connectors

Evo Business Approvals for Managers at SEHA, Abu Dhabi

Business Need
  • To ensure its edge and continue the rapid growth there is a need to take technology closer to its management team to help expedite decision making processes. Mobile enabling EBS approvals is on small step in that direction.

  • EBS approvals were earlier integrated with Microsoft Outlook where a process approver was notified via email which the approver could access over a computer (PC) or mobile device. While this worked but was not very user friendly and hence a need was felt to have a user friendly approval solution specifically for mobile devices.

  • This solution will help the management team save in response time, effort and cost and allowing the company to be swifter in its operations. Enabling Leave management on the mobile will also add to employee delight.

  • While improving the management and employee experience, the solution also opens an opportunity for smoother operation and in turn continuance of faster growth of SEHA.

The Solution
  • Mobile based Approval Management system “SEHA Approval for Managers” to make approval notifications available to managers and management on their mobile devices so that they can take action even “on-the-go”.

  • The solution covers the following features for Oracle EBS R12:

  • Approval Management for Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Invoice , Payments , Offers, Vacancy and Absence

  • On iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad

Business Benefits
  • Improvement in management and employee experience.

  • Smoother operation and in turn continuance of faster growth.

  • Management team will save in response time, efforts and costs.

  • Leave management on the mobile added to employee delight

  • Expedite decision making processes.

  • Well accepted and used across user groups.

  • Better ROI of the backend Oracle EBS system.

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PLATWARE –A Middleware specially made for Mobile Based Applications

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