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Oracle Cloud Taleo

Oracle Taleo Talent Management Suite

Why SaaS(Software As A Service)?

  • Adoption is fast and easy

  • Get the latest and greatest features

  • Flexibility for the users and business

  • Cuts your application cost

  • Your colleagues in IT won't mind

Inside Realities In Recruitment

  • Inadequate Referral Programs, Job Distribution and Sourcing

  • Poor Talent pool, Laborious and inefficient resume searches and management

  • Siloed applications, insufficient Talent Intelligence and lagging Strategic Hiring

  • Unreliable reporting, tedious analysis and lagging Intelligence

  • More Time to Hire, Poor Quality of Hire etc.

  • Poor Usability, Adoption and enforcement

Dream State After Taleo Implementation

  • Improve quality of hire by 33%

  • Improve process efficiency by as much as 50%

  • Save millions in recruitment costs

  • Reliable, efficient Social referrals (realization after TSS may be between 50 to 400%)

  • Increased User Engagement (realization over 30 to 80%)

  • Reduced time to productivity (realization over 50%)

  • Better Organisational performance (realization between 30 to 50%)

  • Strategic Hiring can embedded Standardized, Automated and Streamlined processes (realization – 50 to 100%)

* Realization may vary with client depending upon adaptability, process customization and automation

Oracle Evosys Taleo Cloud Services

Why Evosys for Taleo Cloud Services

Early Adaptor of Oracle Cloud Applications.
 First implementers of Taleo and Fusion in public sector in United Kingdom and Middle East regions.
 Taleo certified consultants with vast functional and technical experience
 Evosys emphasizes on training the key user's early on the project to increase the acceptance ration by users.
 We Offer custom packages for clients to suite their requirement.

Taleo Success Story
Go Live At Kent County Council (United Kingdom)

About Kent County Council

  • Kent County Council (KCC) is a county council that governs the non-metropolitan county of Kent in England.

  • The council is responsible for public services such as education, transport, strategic planning, emergency services, social services, public safety and waste disposal

Business Requirement

  • KCC was looking for partner to implement Taleo– Talent Management solution for streamlining the recruitment and onboarding process.

Business Challenges

  • Job Distribution

  • Recruiter activity audit trail

  • Vacancy performance data

  • Secure data management

  • Application notification

  • Candidate Communication

Modules Implemented

  • Taleo Platform Cloud Service

  • Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service

  • Taleo Transition (Onboarding)

Business Benefits

  • Confined and Well defined ownership

  • Adoptable and Customized solution

  • Efficient and cost effective

  • In-house Competency Development

  • Audit Compliant and streamlined process

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