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Oracle Cloud Project Portfolio

Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management

What is Project and Project Management?

Project – Project is a planned set of integrated task to be executed over a fixed period and within certain cost and other limitation. Like ERP Implementation

Project Management – Project management is the application of knowledge, Skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently.  It’s a strategic competency for organizations, enabling them to tie project results to business goals and thus, better compete their markets.

Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management

  • Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management dramatically improves the way project-driven organizations and project professionals work.

  • Oracle Fusion PPM provides access to information and collaboration between team members to enable efficient and effective project management while ensuring smarter business decisions.

  • Project-driven organizations benefit from its ground-up design with the user experience in mind; helping customers keep pace, keep score, and deliver extraordinary business and project

Benefits of Project portfolio Management

  • Multi-initiative, Integrated Project Financial Management

  • Role-based Analytics, Dashboards and Collaboration

  • Cross Charge, Commitments, Integration with MSP, Excel

  • Single Source of Project Truth for Informed Business Decisions

  • Cost Management

  • Contract, Billing and Revenue Management

  • Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Insight and Performance

Modules In Fusion Project Portfolio Management

Project Costing
Project Billing
Project Contracts
Project Control
Project Performance Reporting
Project Integration Gateway *
Project Management
Task Management
Resource Management
Fusion Tap for PPM
Integrated BI, Social & Extensibility

Oracle Fusion Project Costing

Oracle Project Costing provides a completely integrated cost management solution for all projects and activities across your enterprise, with the ability to cross currency and organizational boundaries

Oracle Project costing is linked with Accounts payable,Purchasing,Inventory and OTL to accumulate the total cost incurred on the Project.

Oracle Fusion Project Billing

Oracle Project Billing allows you to simplify client invoicing, improve cash flow, and measure the profitability of contract projects with support for planning, execution, and analysis.

It utilizes information from the work breakdown structure and provides flexible revenue accrual and invoice generation features, enabling you to track unbilled receivables and bill customers for individual projects, as well as internal charge-backs.

Project Billing Cycle

Oracle Fusion Project Contracts

  • To deliver on complex, project-driven commercial and government contracts, you need to proactively manage contractual obligations, ever-changing contract specifications, and complex relationships among customers, subcontractors, vendors, and your company.

  • Fine-tune your contract operations with robust authoring of all types of contract documents, workflow-based contract management, advanced deliverable tracking, as well as comprehensive multi-source, multi-currency contract

  • In Oracle Project Contract we can enter funding agreement details. Like Customer Name, Contract Amount and Billing & Revenue Recognition Method

Oracle Fusion Project Controls

  • Managing the financial and budgeting aspects of projects is viewed as a thankless administrative activity, often involving spreadsheets, and characterized by disconnected processes and disparate systems.

  • Oracle Fusion Project Control takes a user-oriented approach to the critical activity of managing the financial and budgeting aspects of projects, leveraging the strengths of an intuitive interface to provide simplified planning and budgeting for superior financial control.

Oracle Fusion Project Management

  • Oracle Project Management provides project managers the visibility and control they need to deliver their projects successfully, improve profitability, and operate more efficiently. It consolidates project information into one repository: work plans, progress, issues, changes, documents, costing information, budgets, actuals and forecasts, performance, and status reports.

  • Oracle Project Management empowers project managers to plan the work, assign resources, forecast to completion, and communicate to stakeholders, while streamlining the collaborative execution of project

Oracle Fusion Task Management

  • Oracle Fusion Task Management lets organizations manage all work in a consolidated place. Team members, challenged by the quantity of tasks they own, no longer have to track administrative and project work in different places since all tasks are managed and progressed in a single view.

  • Project management is now extended to team members; to the people who do most of the work on the project and yet whose project needs have generally been overlooked

Project & Task Management

Oracle Fusion Project Resource Management

Oracle Project Resource Management helps you manage the capacity and deployment of people and assets for project work by finding and deploying the most qualified resources to your global projects.

Oracle Project Resource Management centralizes information to empower project, resource, and staffing managers to better utilize their single most critical resource: people. The net result is improved customer and employee satisfaction, increased utilization, and higher project and enterprise profitability.

Project Resource Management

Oracle Fusion Project Performance Reporting

Oracle Fusion Project Performance Reporting delivers a revolutionary approach to help project-driven organizations keep pace and keep score through extraordinary project performance insight.

Utilizing a multidimensional model at the heart of the solution, project stakeholders receive answers to critical business questions and take action in real time.

Project Cost Processing and Reporting/Analytics

Oracle Fusion Project integration gateway

Managing a project in multiple disparate systems without fully integrating them can result in a disjointed process creating project overruns, delaying execution and duplicating effort.

Oracle Fusion Project Integration Gateway brings together world-class financial project management from Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management and best in-class project execution in an optimized end-to-end enterprise project and portfolio management process.

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