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Are your workloads still on premises due to performance and predictability concerns?

Are your current infrastructure expenses predictable?

Are you updated on performance, availability, and management SLAs from your IaaS vendor?

Are you charged extra for storage performance?

If you answer "yes" to any of the above questions then you should be looking up Evosys' OCI solutions. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's tools and architecture help organizations move seamlessly from on premises to the cloud while simultaneously leveraging automation and built-in security for superior migration and economics.

With uncertainties like Covid-19 that saw a complete shift to Work from Home and the need for lowering IT infrastructure expenses, the move to IaaS has become all the more imperative. Oracle's IaaS offering delivers a diverse range of capabilities unmatched in the industry such as Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing.

Autonomous workloads run best on an infrastructure designed to provide low latency, high availability, resiliency, and consistent performance.

We have, accordingly, created two focused offerings which will address these concerns and enable you to achieve significant return on your IT investment.

How are Future-Ready Organizations Opting and Moving
to Oracle Infrastructure as a Service?

The migration to Oracle Cloud through "Lift & Shift" method from on-premise and other Clouds is straightforward. Once migrated to Oracle Cloud, your application experiences a secured, elastic and open environment. More importantly, your business users get seamless user experience.

Oracle Cloud is a complete Cloud. Once you move your applications to Infrastructure Cloud, you can transform them using various enhancements options available under Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS). Customers are using PaaS for Mobility, Data Visualization, Analytics, IoT and data integration with other business processes.

Evosys's IaaS Services are based on the following pillars

cost saving
Cost Savings: consumption-based approach, to provision workloads on a need basis as against owning the entire hardware
zero-downtime migration
Business continuity without any interruption: Get all the cloud benefits without having the business users to go through the learning curve. For customers with mission-critical workloads that cannot tolerate business disruption, we offer a zero-downtime migration option
data security
Seamless migration with data Security: Oracle Ksplice Technology requires No Shutdown while upgrading
Manage Customer
Smooth interoperability of applications: OCI provides instant access to resources and can work with other on premise and cloud apps

Consultancy Services

  • Detailed study of existing on-premise services

  • Choosing the best possible migration methodology with minimum downtime

Migration Services

  • Seamless migration of non-production and production environment to the cloud

  • Warranty support post-go-live

  • Handover of migration documents

Support Services

  • Application support

  • Database support

  • OS and network support

  • Oracle Cloud infrastructure support

Evosys Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Evosys has two types of migration offerings

Oracle Workload

Migrate all your Oracle workloads to OCI seamlessly

Oracle workloads such as EBS, Disaster recovery, test and development instances, Oracle VMs, Hyperion, Historical data and custom applications can be easily moved to OCI

Non-Oracle Workload

Oracle infrastructure Cloud provides "lift-and-shift" approach to move your non-Oracle workloads from on-premise or from other Cloud vendors to Oracle Cloud. This helps customers to have a unified Cloud infrastructure for better management and cost-effectiveness

Non-Oracle workload applications like AWS, Peoplesoft, JDE, homegrown applications, SAP or non-Oracle VMs can be seamlessly migrated to OCI

How can I boost my applications ecosystem with OCI?

  • On-premise Oracle E-Business to Oracle Cloud

  • Oracle E-Business from AWS to Oracle Cloud

  • Development and Test environment migration to Oracle Cloud

  • Storage archive / historical data to Oracle Cloud

  • Migrate / Implement DR site on Oracle Cloud

  • Homegrown Oracle-based applications to Oracle Cloud

  • Migrate your VMWare applications to Cloud by preserving multiple VMs and networking topology

Evosys Edge in Successful Implementation

Challenges in Cloud Adoption

Cost and skills

Cost and skills required for re-architecture

Security concerns

Security concerns

Application Support

Concerns around application support and SLA

Benefits After Moving to IaaS You Can Expect

Local Presence

It can provide infrastructure in a geographic presence where clients do not have IT operations and to achieve compliance with local country regulations

Focus on business growth

Reduce time, money and energy spent making technology decisions and hiring staff to manage and maintain the technology infrastructure

Extract value from your software investments when moving to OCI

You have already invested in Oracle Database and Applications. Why not derive more value from them? Moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure does exactly that

Integrated technology stack

The integrated platform aggregates all and applies ML algorithms that can identify anomalous system behaviour, and remediate performance problems, and prevent outages by providing accurate forecasting of impending issues.

Highly scalable architecture

OCI can be scaled vertically as well as horizontally thru load balancers.

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Our Oracle Cloud Insfrastructure Success Stories

Emirates Hospital (UAE)

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  • Winning the trust of the client as this is first projects for EVOSYS

  • System need to available 24*7.

  • Ensuring quality. We had several brainstorming sessions within the team to ensure that we deliver the best possible quality during the project delivery.

  • Multiple rounds of testing (Unit Testing, IT Testing) for all the Iterations


  • All iterations completed successfully before given downtime.

  • All PROD/UAT/DEV instances are stable and steady

  • Overall performance improved after migration to cloud.

  • Compliant with Oracle Support by bringing system to latest patch set level

  • Online patching

Bakhashab Transport (KSA)

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  • Integration with OTM and SOA

  • Very minimal downtime for OTM down time due to Transport company.

  • Upgrade Operating system and Database for all application.

  • Hugh Database size of OTM.


  • Reduce Hardware support and maintenances efforts.

  • Oracle Database performance increase with parameters tuning.

  • Increase system availability for business.

Al Qahtani Beverage (KSA)

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  • Migration from on-premise EBS instances to Oracle Cloud space.

  • Cross-platform migration of Oracle EBS 11i & R12 instances from Solaris to Oracle Linux.

  • In-place database upgrade and migration to cloud: 9i to 11gR2 (

  • Migration of 1.2 TB database of R12 instance using Datapump.

  • Database & Apps standby creation in cloud.

  • Creation of custom VM using Custom Boot image in Oracle laaS.

  • Network connectivity between on-premise and cloud regions (Frankfurt, Ashbum) for custom application and database objects, and Standby.


  • Better performance

  • Easy scalability, backup on cloud

  • Isolation of HW support, less investment in on-premise hardware

  • Lower day to day maintenance

  • Higher efficiency


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  • Downtime was given only 4 hrs for migrating oracle database to from on premise to Oracle Cloud server.

  • Implementing of load balance for private and public URL, 3 site to site VPN.

  • Nearly 1,00,000 users and more than 40000+ concurrent users.

  • System need to available 24*7.

  • Security was big challenges for Axiom over cloud.

  • Database size is nearly 2+ TB


  • System is working smooth after migrating from on-premise to cloud because proper parameter configuration of cloud server, database server.

  • Migration downtime was only 10 minutes only for database migration.

  • Performance is improved after migrated to cloud. 100% client satisfaction.

  • Daily and weekly backup are automated.

  • All mandatory securities policies are implemented so security.

  • Reduce downtime for any maintenance activity.

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