Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Self-securing, Reliable and Agile Data Warehouse service on the cloud

Today's data infrastructure is challenged by the ever-increasing data volume and the need to deliver filtered data with actionable intelligence. This has led to a substantial change in data warehousing, its costs, and the security risk. Consequently, data loss is one of the unimaginable situations that an enterprise wants to be in. And therefore, they are always on the lookout for a data contingency plan or a better data infrastructure management service.

This is where Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, a fully managed cloud service, comes into play. It helps eliminate the complexities of operating a data warehouse by securing data, and developing data-driven applications.

Features of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Automation: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud automates repetitive tasks such as backup, configuration, and patching. This helps reduce administrative efforts by up to 90% and enables businesses to be self-sufficient.

  • Self-service data tools and analytics: It uses a converged database that supports multiple data types, models and workloads. The built-in tools help improve the productivity of analysts, developers.

  • Privacy control: It has highly secured data protection with its always-on encryption. The privacy controls ensure data security from both inside and outside of the organization.

  • Flexibility: It runs on agile cloud infrastructure which is designed for auto-scalability. Plus, its pay-per-use pricing offers the flexibility to control operational costs.

Spatial analytics
  • Spatial analytics: The application is equipped with spatial and graph capabilities at no additional cost.

Intelligent reporting tool
  • Intelligent reporting tool: Oracle ADW comprises of built-in database machine learning with reporting tool and rapid development tool. This makes this service not only autonomous but also intelligent.

Challenges and Solutions for IT & Business

Trouble spots

IT (e.g. CIO, IT Director, DW Architect, DBA)

  • Difficulty in maintaining pace with increasing data volumes and media. Plus, present manual data warehouses are complex, costly, and neither efficient nor economical.
  • Requires time, efforts, and resources for maintenance affecting performance and ROI.
  • Increase in demand for accessing larger data volumes and faster query response.
  • Rising need to protecting data as well as brand reputation.

Business (e.g., LoB Manager, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, App Owner)

  • Lack of data-driven, meaningful and timely business insights.
  • Difficulty in accessing and analyzing the data that matters, and required on-time.


IT (e.g. CIO, IT Director, DW Architect, DBA)

  • Efficiently manage and access your data using a fully managed Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.
  • Provision of a platform supporting high concurrency and delivering extreme analytical throughput.
  • Save up to 50% in TCO while modernizing your data warehouse with a self-driving solution.
  • With always-on encryption and automatic security patches upgrades, you can reduce the risk of data attacks.

Business (e.g., LoB Manager, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, App Owner)

  • Make smarter, and intelligent business decisions with actionable reports generated anytime, anywhere.
  • Access all types of data, reports, analytics on your smart devices.
  • Built-in Oracle Analytics Cloud delivers highly customizable and visual reports for easy interpretation, helping quicker data-driven decision making.

Benefits of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Reduce cost: Gain more, spend less by adopting Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse which is a self-driven, fully automated database. It eliminates repetitive manual tasks. Thereby, increasing productivity and enabling businesses to be self-sufficient.

  • Reduce data risk: With always-on encryption, the application is self-sufficient to automatically respond to cyber-attacks. It is also intelligent to prevent data thefts without experiencing any downtime.

  • Increased uptime: With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, you can be assured of automatically detecting system error, and apply relevant corrective actions. This allows you to have 99.995% of uptime.

  • Insights and analytics: Get insights and analytics for your business in a highly accurate and easy-to-interpret visual report.

Why should you choose Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse?

  • Reliability: Achieve 99.995% of uptime. Guaranteed availability for uninterrupted business operations.

  • Security: Automatic security upgrades and patching ensure that there is no breach of data.

  • Agility: One of the easiest and flexible data warehouse setups available.

  • Self-sufficient: With its self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing capabilities, Oracle ADW can make your business self-sufficient.

How to make a business case for adopting Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud?

Concern #1: "We do not have the time or budget for a new project at the moment."

Our response:

  • You can start small, and scale only when you are confident. We offer a pay-per-usage pricing model.

  • You can take a free trial. We can create a Data Mart for you on the cloud within minutes.

Concern #2: "We do not have the confidence in moving away from our existing on-prem systems."

Our response:

  • We do not touch your current deployment.

  • With the new system in place, you can leverage the cloud for new analytical projects.

  • You can design new projects in a shorter time period and with fewer resources.

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