All good things must come to an end, including Hyperion support for 11.1 in December 2021. While Hyperion 11.2 will be supported until 2030, now is the right time for organizations like yours to start exploring your options:

  • Do I stay on my current on-prem installation? What happens if I do nothing? What do I risk?

  • What kind of innovation will it offer?

  • How do I get there? What are the benefits of moving to the Cloud?

  • How much will it cost? What’s my Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

  • What are my options?

  • Am I ready for the next generation of Hyperion or EPM Cloud?

Join us for a free Hyperion Workshop that’ll answer all of these questions. Co-hosted by Oracle and Evosys, this workshop is designed to give you insight into your current and future Hyperion/EPM investment. As a part of the package, we will provide you with a customized TCO calculation for your current Hyperion instance.

Workshop Agenda

Support Roadmap

Upgrade to EPM Cloud

Impact & Cost of 11.2 Upgrade

Lunch (will be served)

EPM Cloud Demonstration

Oracle Cloud Roadmap

Transformation & Innovation Roadmap


Chicago - March 3, 2020

Rooms: 45014 & 45015
233 South Wacker Drive, 45th Floor, Chicago - IL, 60606

10:00 am - 2:00 p.m CST

Los Angeles - March 4, 2020

Room: TR1034
2600 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

10:00 am to 2:00 pm PST

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