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Planning and Preparing
for Open Enrollment

Date and time

August 12, 2020
12:00 - 1:00 PM EST


Open Enrollment will soon be upon us. Now is the time to plan and prepare so you are ready to easily handle the process this year.


Review Regulatory Changes for 2021

- New IRS Limits
- New Out of Pocket Maximums

New Vendors, New Rates for 2021

Review all Plans and Programs and Determine What Changes are Required

How COVID Affects Open Enrollment for 2021

- Reintroduce plans and options in light of COVID
- Consider Active Enrollment
- Virtual Benefits Fairs

Prepare Calendar of Open Enrollment Events for 2020

Make Necessary System Updates

Communication Best Practices

- Providing Clear and Complete Information
- Summarize With Links to Details
- Provide Timely Responses to Questions


Lila Ravve

Director, Presales and Solution Architecture at Evosys

Rohit Phulsunge

Solution Architect, Evosys

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