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The Future of Projects

Engineering and Construction Business in Cloud

Date and time

June 4, 2020
11:00 am to 12:00 pm EST


With complex project management requirements and regular reporting systems involving multiple parties like subcontractors, laborers and project managers, the construction and engineering business needs smart solutions that can streamline activities and showcase a real-time picture of project progress. One source of truth.

Our Oracle Cloud expertise with in-depth industry experience and proprietary construction and engineering solutions help you stay on point with your projects and in-line with the latest technology. Find out why more than 85 Construction & Engineering customers chose Evosys for their journey to a unified cloud solution tailored to their industry.


Mike King

Senior Vice President Sales, Evosys

Anay Jain

Senior Principal Consultant, Evosys


  • Current challenges and opportunities for construction and engineering

  • Proposed solution

    • Initiation to project plan

    • Project expenditure to cost control

    • Project contract to revenue

    • Analysis to project optimization

  • The stepping stones to construction and engineering Cloud transformation

  • Industry Innovation

  • Why partner with Evosys?

  • Q & A

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