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Case for Change

The hospitality sector has always been a core part of the economy. The performance of the sector is directly linked with the economy's strength. In the recent years, world has seen a surge in the demand for hotels and premium accommoda- tion facilities. The sector also owns its share of lows and off-peak seasons which are quite difficult to plan and budget for. The demand of the sector sees a rise when there are global sporting events, concerts, domestic sporting events, art shows, community gatherings etc. Hotels are known to increase their prices unceremoniously based on such demand. The prices for accommodation sometimes shoot up by 100-150% during these peak days.

Currently, the majority of the sector is dependent on Excel for their planning and budgeting requirements. Barring a few big conglomerates, not many are reported to be using a structured, web based, process oriented planning and budgeting approach. The sector therefore becomes a good ground to be explored and add it to the success story of Oracle EPM.

Pain Areas

  • Time consumed in preparing budget is high
  • Excessive number of people involved in the process
  • Budgets not directly linked with assessed demand for the year
  • Difficulty in managing multiple excel files
  • Consolidation of budgets from multiple branch of a hotel group
  • Workforce planning for contractual employees
  • Security of data
  • Complex Process flow
  • Heavy reliance on excel files

Business Benefits

  • Less time consumed in preparation of budget
  • Scientific information leading to key decision makings
  • Data security and robust process flows
  • Savings on contractual employee through effective planning of workforce
  • Centralised source of information


Determine Occupancy

  • Planning for occupancy percentage for rooms
  • Assessing room price based on demand
  • Analysis by room category

Strategic Decision Making

  • Demand based budgeting
  • Easy on the Eye dashboards
  • Budgets for planned renovation and other exceptions

Workforce Planning

  • Determine workforce requirement based on the occupancy
  • Balance between templorary and permanent staff

Finnancial Planning

  • Driver based income and expense planning
  • Predictive analysis based on the historical data
  • Use of various drivers and ratio while determining auxiliaries income (Restaurent, Internet, etc.)

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