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Case for Change

Higher education leaders, administrators and researchers continue to grapple with transformational issues in education—driving down costs; global competition for students, faculty, and researchers; gaining insight for more informed decision making and strategic planning; keeping pace with the speed of technology advancements, linking education and research programs to outcomes; and meeting growing demands for accountability and regulatory compliance. In addition, many institutions are hampered by cobbled-together technology infrastructures, a highly complex and fragmented network of applications, and seemingly conflicting priorities for easier, mobile access to information and learning while at the same time providing a secure, stable environment. Fortunately for education and research organizations around the world, Evosys has developed an end to end planning and budgeting solution that will give universities visibility to look into the future numbers. Evosys continues to enhance solution specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of education sector.

Pain Areas in Planning & Budgeting

  • Excel/Access based projection process
  • Lack of standardise processes
  • Lack of a solution that help users do what-if analysis based on various assumptions/factors
  • Student projections calculation logic concentrated to specific set of people
  • Too many and too heavy excel files to understand
  • Lack of Management Insight reporting

Business Benefits

  • Pre-built scientific methods for student forecast (Liner regression, Monte-Carlo, etc.)
  • Faculty Planning, Student accommodation planning, workforce planning based on the student numbers projection
  • Simplified and driver based Financial Planning
  • Robust approval process
  • Sandboxing
  • Integration with Student system as well as financial system
  • systems

Budget Setting Solution

Student Number Planning

  • Budget Number of Students
  • Related Revenue and Expenses planning
  • Faculty, Student accommodation

Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Long term workforce strategy
  • Impact of new innovation/technology, etc.
  • Budgeting for Employees and Vacancies

Financial Budget Setting

  • Income and Expense budgeting(Incremental, Drive based, zero based)

Monitoring Solution

Student Number Monitoring

  • Compare actual numbers with budget
  • Compare faculty,student accommodation With planned numbers

Revenue monitoring

  • Automated forecast calculations
  • Driver based forecasts
  • Reports at different hierarchies

Pay monitoring

  • Automated salary costs projection
  • Vacant post creation
  • Temporary staff cost projection

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