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The Future of Food Distributors & Grocers

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June 9, 2020
11 am to 12 pm EST


Rapidly changing technologies and today’s challenging times are forcing food retailers and distributors to reimagine their processes in order to compete in a digitally disrupted environment, especially with the growing competitive pressures. Supply chain distribution is at the forefront of the food retailer and distributors' top concerns. Critical links and production are changing at a moment's notice, leaving organizations struggling to grasp what they can do.

Our Oracle Cloud expertise and project experience help organizations stay ahead of new challenges and meet today's complex requirements. Join Evosys as we discuss and demonstrate how Oracle Supply Chain Management can be leveraged to overcome and thrive in a world of unique difficulties.


Harshal Shah

Asst. Vice President of Sales, Evosys

Seema Juneja

Oracle Supply Chain Lead, Evosys

Ritu Chatterjee

SCM Senior Consultant, Evosys


Review and discussion on Supply and Demand Planning. How organizations in this situation can leverage the planning tool within ERP to plan their material supply and demand management.

Rouses Market - Case Study

Supply Chain Planning

Standard Supply Chain

Supply and Operations Planning

Mobile Supply Chain

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