With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, most organizations will find their existing strategic and operational plans no longer financially effective. Healthcare leaders now need to take swift action - doing whatever it takes to ensure that communities get the care and services they need while getting through the crisis and back into financial balance.

Rather than developing a static budget, finance leaders are now looking at budget models that accommodate frequent adjustments to secure their organization’s future in a post-pandemic environment. Therefore, most healthcare finance professionals are turning increasingly to rolling forecasting to fortify their organizations’ financial projections with the most current performance information and data-driven assumptions.

Need of the hour

  • Assess a wide array of possible economic changes (overtime costs, equipment and facility maintenance, supply disruptions, staff allowances, the surge in cases, and more)

  • Forecast revenues and liquidity quickly based on multiple factors

  • Make iterative short and medium-term forecasts

  • Analyze how the organizational revenue and expenses are impacted on a monthly and weekly basis if required

What Our Offerings Can Do For You

Initial decisions about reviving shuttered service lines, reassigning staff and operational assets

Best, Moderate, Worst case and What-If analysis

Rolling Forecast (moving away from static forecast/budgeting practice) Solution

DRG forecasting based on acuteness - Elective/ Non-elective

EBITDA modeling

Workforce Management

Implement the pre-defined model in as little as 8 weeks

Solution deployed on Oracle Cloud Applications


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Healthcare Challenges in COVID-19

Strategic scenario modeling and Rolling forecast in Healthcare

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