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Oracle Cloud Transformation for E-Business Suite: De-Risk the move to Cloud

Oracle is ending the support for E-Business Suite 12.1 in 2021!

What happens next?

Date and time

July 22, 2020
11 am to 12 pm EST


Oracle is ending the support for E-Business Suite 12.1 in 2021. Oracle has recently announced the Continuous Innovation Program for Release 12.2 and has confirmed that there would not be a Release 12.3. It has become necessary for companies who were waiting to rethink their EBS strategy and roadmap moving forward. Join us and let’s explore the possibilities and options. Attendees will get an opportunity for a Free EBS Assessment showing you your risk roadmap in moving to Cloud.

Today’s uncertain times have made us look at worst-case scenarios. One of the critical considerations being:

How do you de-risk your Oracle E-Business move to Oracle Cloud?

  • Know what your goals are. How are you going to measure success?

  • Make sure your business case will support the move to Cloud. Will the measurable end goals support the company vision?

  • Know the innovation and enhancements you will gain by moving to Cloud.

  • Make sure you have access to the right tools and accelerators to help save time and money

  • Make sure your partner is sharing the risk with you

Along with de-risking projects, companies want quantifiable benefit realization as well.

  • Identify value and benefits that can be measured in KPI’s from the project

  • Align the agreed KPIs with implementation objectives

  • Post go live - Cloud Deployment Success Assessment

  • Tie in partner success commercially with the benefit realization


  • About Evosys

  • Evosys Glide Program

  • A case Study - Journey to the Oracle Cloud

  • Roadmap for Moving to the Cloud

  • Long term Benefits and Key Impacts of Cloud Transformation

  • Q & A


Snehal Chaniyara

Customer Success Leader, Evosys

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