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Oracle Cloud Transformation for E-Business Suite: De-Risk the move to Cloud

Oracle is ending the support for E-Business Suite 12.1 in 2021!

What happens next?

Date and time

July 22, 2020
11 am to 12 pm EST


Oracle is ending the support for E-Business Suite 12.1 in 2021. Oracle has recently announced the Continuous Innovation Program for Release 12.2 and has confirmed that there would not be a Release 12.3. It has become necessary for companies who were waiting to rethink their EBS strategy and roadmap moving forward.

Today’s uncertain times have made us look at worst-case scenarios. One of the critical considerations being:

How do you de-risk your Oracle E-Business move to Oracle Cloud?

  • Know what your goals are. How are you going to measure success?

  • Make sure your business case will support the move to Cloud. Will the measurable end goals support the company vision?

  • Know the innovation and enhancements you will gain by moving to Cloud.

  • Make sure you have access to the right tools and accelerators to help save time and money

  • Make sure your partner is sharing the risk with you

Along with de-risking projects, companies want quantifiable benefit realization as well.

  • Identify value and benefits that can be measured in KPI’s from the project

  • Align the agreed KPIs with implementation objectives

  • Post go live - Cloud Deployment Success Assessment

  • Tie in partner success commercially with the benefit realization


  • About Evosys

  • Evosys Glide Program

  • A case Study - Journey to the Oracle Cloud

  • Roadmap for Moving to the Cloud

  • Long term Benefits and Key Impacts of Cloud Transformation

  • Q & A


Snehal Chaniyara

Customer Success Leader, Evosys

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