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Date and time

September 10, 2020
12:00 - 1:00 PM EST


The Healthcare Decision Support Solution continues to focus on a challenge one generation of leadership has handed down to the next for decades now, the challenge of improving profitability without sacrificing quality.

The healthcare industry being one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S., it is extremely crucial to understand where your organization is performing productively and where improvements are required. The need of the hour is a robust cost allocation system and an advanced Business Intelligence engine to understand the costs and margins of the organization and determine its goals for the future.

Discussion Points

The necessity of the Decision Support Solution

End-to-end challenges that the Healthcare industry faces and the best practices for Decision Support

Operational costing methodology

Evosys' solution for CPT, DRG and service-line level costing and profitability

Long-range financial planning

How it can help you implement a more informed decision-making process, by comparing your baseline forecast with various scenarios

340B management

Pre-built analysis and KPIs showing the usage of 340B savings, diversions, double discounts, etc.

Scenario modeling

Managing financials effectively in uncertain times like COVID-19

Population Health Analysis

How this solution can provide various analysis around population health

Contract management analytics

Advanced reimbursement management methodologies and how to analyze potential scenarios of reimbursements to understand financial outcomes


05 Mins


10 Mins

Understanding the cost crisis in the healthcare industry

25 Mins

An overview of Evosys’ Decision Support Solution

10 Mins

Highlights of Evosys client stories around healthcare implementations

10 Mins



Harshal Shah

Asst. Vice President - Presales, Evosys

Jamie Wyatt

Sales Director - Healthcare Central/West

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