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Cost Accounting Solutions to Drive Success in Healthcare

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December 6th 2019
01:00 pm to 02:00 pm EST


Improving profitability without sacrificing quality, is the eternal healthcare dilemma. As healthcare costs continue to spiral, how do healthcare organizations understand what cost factors impact the bottom line while identifying opportunities for improvement? A robust Cost Accounting solution is the key to achieving clarity while delivering a communication mechanism to get all the parties including - physicians, clinicians, staff and management on the same page. There exists a pressing need for a solution to utilize all of the available data across the multitude of solutions within a healthcare organization, organize it and convert it to intelligent insights. We see costing as an on-going process which must be core to the business and drive the planning and decision-making process.



Understand Cost Accounting Challenges in Healthcare

An overview of the Oracle/Evosys Cost Accounting Solution

Solution Demonstration

Adventist Health Success Story

Q & A


The Need for a Cost Accounting Solution

The end-to-end challenges that Healthcare faces and Cost Accounting best practices

Charge/DRG/Patient Level Costing

Insight into costing and profitability at the deepest levels

Financial Planning

Implementing a more informed decision-making process by comparing your baseline forecast with various scenarios

Population Health Analysis

How the solution provides population health insight and analytics

Contract Management

Advanced reimbursement management methodologies analyze potential reimbursement scenarios to understand expected reimbursement cash flows and their bottom-line implications

340B Management

Pre-built analysis and KPIs showing the usage of 340B savings, diversions, double discount, etc.


Harshal Shah

AVP - Solution Architecture

Lisa Wells

Sr. Director - Healthcare

Jamie Wyatt

Director - Healthcare West

Adventist Health, USA

Adventist Health reduces costs and augments profitability with Evosys' Oracle Cloud Solutions

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