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Due to continuous changes in the economic environment, the healthcare sector is in need of both activity-based costing and insurance-based reimbursement models that use sophisticated data modeling to derive the average costs of each service or DRG (diagnosis-related group).

The demand for services – including increased service requests and improved service quality – comes at a time when the availability of funds is highly volatile. Cost-to-serve is under increased scrutiny as authorities need to do more with less; as a result, transformation is driven by the need for greater efficiencies.

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Evosys’ Profitability and Costing Solution assists with the identification of true costs in this complex environment, offering a key advantage for businesses and helping healthcare providers achieve quality patient care combined with effective cost management.

The solution transforms a vertically-organized healthcare system in which individual hospitals are responsible for the P&L, to a horizontally-oriented service line management approach where dual leadership (clinical and administrative) teams are responsible for the financial bottom line.

Evosys has worked with more than 200 healthcare customers across the globe, helping them to achieve sustainable operational excellence and cost-effective patient care.

  • Margin Analysis

  • Population Health Analysis

  • What-If Analysis

  • Physician Level Reports

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Pain Areas

  • Excel/Access-based costing processes

  • No standardized or centralized processes

  • Users unable to perform what-if analysis based on various drivers or assumptions

  • Difficulty in identifying factors leading to erroneous results due to lack of proper drill-down features

  • Slow costing results due to complex allocation logic

  • Difficulties in adding/changing costing methodologies

  • Lack of transparency into direct/indirect costs

  • Lack of proper reconciliation processes at various stages, leading to over and under absorption of costs

  • Lack of management insight reporting

Business Benefits

  • Faster, more streamlined costing processes

  • Scientific information leading to easier decision-making on key issues

  • Interactive predictive analysis to provide CXOs with a decision support system (excluding retroactive reports)

  • Data security and robust process flows

  • Analytics and insights that help transform the delivery of care and generate a return

  • The ability to identify and reform operational inefficiency with precision

  • Integration and automation of financial, payroll and hospital information systems (EPIC, Cerner, etc.)

  • Transparency into cost and revenue allocations via traceability maps

  • The ability to analyze and compute the impact of clinical variations with various 'what-if' analysis scenarios and plan optimal patient care strategies

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