Products: Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle ERP Cloud

Evosys Services: Oracle EBS to Oracle HCM Cloud Migration

Industry: Public Sector

About the Client

Formed in the year 1889, our client is a UK-based local government body that works with the local, regional, national, and international authorities. With an employee count of over 14,000, they serve a population of 1,393,600, making it one of the largest local authorities in England. They deliver basic and public services, amenities representing the best interests of its people.

Business Objectives

  • Reduce customizations present in the existing on-premise applications and move towards an out-of-the-box Oracle Cloud solution by adopting the industry best practices.

  • Replace the current Oracle EBS on-premise legacy applications with state-of-the-art, agile Oracle cloud applications.

  • Achieve more real-time reporting, resulting in timelier and informed decision-making.

  • Enable greater self-service and mobility options for the employees.


  • Evosys team partnered with the client's existing support partner, who was providing the managed services before our engagement.

  • Design principle of ADOPT, and not ADAPT was agreed upon at the start of the project and it was followed by all parties to achieve the most sustainable solution.

  • Integrated dashboards and real-time reporting using Oracle Fusion and Oracle EPM Cloud reporting capabilities.

Business Benefits Achieved

  • Over 8,500 users would now enjoy the intuitive, modern interface while accessing their business applications after the migration. This improved the user experience for both professionals and end-user communities.

  • Eliminated the need for system customization. It reduced the overall cost of system maintenance and resource requirements.

  • Reduced organization-wide overheads with the introduction of new streamlined corporate policies and processes.

  • They are now equipped to make smarter and insight-driven decisions with real-time analytics.

  • It enabled their HR, Finance and Procurement teams to spend less time on administrative tasks and greater focus on delivering services to residents and businesses.

  • The Oracle implementation supports their transition to “Alternative Ways of Working”. Their teams no longer need to be in an office location to carry out their roles.

Value Addition by Evosys

  • Evosys leverage the Evosys Glide approach to migrate the on-premise legacy system to Oracle Cloud applications. It ensured the data migration to cloud was quicker and more efficient.

  • Given our cross-pillar implementation capabilities, we were able to re-utilize many of the components minimizing the number of integrations required.

Why did the Client choose Evosys?

We have partnered with more than 65 local government bodies in the past 15 years for Oracle Cloud implementations. This has provided us with the expertise to become one of the leading Oracle Cloud partners in the UK Public Sector. Moreover, the references which we received from other local government bodies further strengthened the Council's trust in Evosys.

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