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Shaner Hotel Group is a prominent hotel developer, owner, and operator in the global hospitality industry. The company was formed in 1970 when Lance Shaner, and his brother Fred Shaner, began investing in real estate. Today, Shaner is regarded for its rich tradition of high-quality hotel management services and dedication to meeting the comprehensive and complex requirements of its customers.

Shaner had been using multiple on-premises, and 3rd party systems (PeopleSoft) to manage their day-to-day financial transactions, HR and payroll. The group chose to migrate from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud for their HCM and ERP modules with the objective to reduce costs, benefit from best-in-class technology, and increase ROI. Evosys implemented Oracle Cloud solutions within committed timelines by adopting best practices and advanced methodology.


  • We faced several implementation challenges, however, utilizing our considerable experience and knowledge, we efficiently resolved the issues and implemented the solution within the committed timelines.

  • The key challenge was the multi-state implementation of policies (absence, taxation, and benefits), whose rules vary from state to state. So, we needed to customize the solution at different levels to match the initial requirement. This made the project, not just a multi-state implementation, but also a multi-entity implementation. Shaner Hotel Group has around 180 entities, throughout which policies and processes were not necessarily the same.

  • The legacy system also proved challenging since Shaner had used the application for over 10 years which had an impact on change management as well.

  • The next major challenge was data analysis. As the Group was using multiple applications, gathering data from various sources whilst maintaining accuracy and authenticity levels, and removing duplicitous data was indeed a tough task.

  • In addition, whilst attendance of a core group of key users was critical for the vital meetings, information clarification, providing data, there was a limited number of Shaner staff available to perform core functions in each department. Therefore, ensuring the availability of all key users simultaneously proved to be difficult.


Using the best practices and methodology, our Oracle HCM Cloud implementation consultants were able to resolve the challenges with a step-by-step process of:

Engage > Understand > Showcase > Implement > Train & Test > Transition > Support.

Details of each step are as follows:

  • Engage: Engage with the customer to identify their problem areas, and develop a precise plan of how Oracle Cloud can provide an elegant solution.

  • Understand: Post engaging, we liaised with business users to ascertain their existing business processes and HR policies. We requested them to provide as much data as possible for high level analysis.

  • Showcase: We demonstrated the application based on accumulated knowledge and data received. The objective here was to display the system with the actual customer data. This achieved better clarity and improved understanding of the end-solution.

  • Implement: Based on the feedback and fit-gap analysis gathered during the system demonstration, the final configuration for the application was performed.

  • Train: Once the application was fully configured, we trained super users on the application. This empowered them to impart their newly-acquired knowledge to the end-users. This was followed by user acceptance testing.

  • Transition: Once the application was confirmed to be as per the requirements, the transition for production took place, and the application was live, ready for use.

  • Support: During the initial weeks post-live, we provided support to the customer as they became acquainted with the application.

Benefits received by Shaner: All systems and processes under one technological roof

  • Unlike the on-premise system, Oracle HCM Cloud delivers a highly-integrated HR, benefits and payroll system which updates, reduces redundant data entries, and helps achieve the objective of a central HRIS and single source of truth.

  • With a central application for managing all of the HR functions, the overall turnaround and throughput for HR, benefits and payroll was increased significantly.

  • Existing and new 3rd party application interfaces were built and delivered with enhanced capabilities and automation. For example, the Oracle Benefits module was integrated with the payroll module, housing all configurations in a single application (Oracle Cloud). This reduced the cost and time required for maintenance.

  • The Oracle Cloud Solution ensured a smooth transfer of all information to the payroll module for payroll processing.

  • The Oracle Core HR module helped Shaner maintain all staff information, assignments, personal information, including secondary job codes and rates all in one centralized system. This was a major challenge for them during the pre-cloud application phase.

  • We also automated the complex payroll calculations in line with federal and state rules, including tips adjustment, overtime calculation (7(i) exemption), NRA taxation, etc.

  • Shaner operates in over 30 countries worldwide and wanted a system which was simple to use with the ability to manage security and provide access control. This was delivered by leveraging various features of the Oracle HCM Cloud.

Value addition by Evosys

Evosys with its extensive experience in Oracle Cloud implementation globally helped Shaner by:

  • Recommending and implementing the industry best practices.

  • Effortlessly interfacing between Oracle Cloud and upstream/downstream 3rd party applications.

  • Providing key user training on the use of the new system and processes.

  • Developing new data templates to reduce the amount of data migration required.

  • Completing Oracle EBS R12 upgrade during implementation stage.

  • Providing support for extra parallel runs and production simulation.

Why Shaner Hotel chose Evosys?

Evosys has an extensive track-record of implementing the most complex cloud and on-premises solutions for global customers. Our dedicated team of highly-skilled professionals have significant experience of handling Oracle HCM and payroll projects at low-cost with rapid implementation. Additionally, our team has always forwarded a supportive approach to achieving their client's business objectives and ROI.

Solution Employed

  • Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud Service

  • Oracle Global Payroll Cloud Service

  • Oracle Transactional BI for HCM Cloud Service

  • Interfaces and Reports

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