Products: Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud, Oracle SCM Cloud

Industry: Consumer Goods

About the Client

The company markets fresh milk, infant formula, and other dairy products. They own one of the world’s largest dairy plants with businesses sprawled in Australia, New Zealand, China, US, Hong Kong, etc. With a huge portfolio, they have a multi-million-dollar turnover in terms of revenues and are now targeting to become a billion-dollar company.

About the Project

The client had been struggling with disparate software which was inconsistent. The business users were spread across four different time zones - Australia, New Zealand, China, and the United States. Due to the pandemic, this was a completely remote implementation. Evosys had to ensure that the client had standardized its operations globally on several Oracle Cloud applications. The milk manufacturer went live with several modules of Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud, and Oracle SCM Cloud within just 11 months.


  • Streamlining business processes across multiple countries.

  • As business users are spread across four different time zones, engaging users in common workshops was quite challenging.

  • Each country had different legacy applications – extracting, cleaning, validating, and consolidating was quite a challenge.

  • Complex tax arrangements with complex organization structure.

  • Intricate material movement flows with transfers/dropship across countries.

  • Complete remote implementation due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Business Benefits

  • As a result of the Evosys consulting team’s expertise and skills and commitment to building future proof and strong foundation, the client now has a robust Oracle ERP Cloud application that seamlessly integrates with logistics, manages financials, and acts as the main source for analytics and reporting.

  • With the adoption of modern best practices, the client is able to perform supply chain and financial functions effectively.

  • Established integration with multiple suppliers, retailers, and 3PL to automate business functions.

  • With the implementation of a single sign-on, overall user satisfaction has increased significantly.

Value Added by Evosys

  • Helped adopt out-of-the-box solutions that met business requirements without any customization.

  • Development of reusable components to expedite future onboarding of retailers, acquisition, etc.

  • Reduction in several crucial process times such as invoice approval, delivery lead times, procure to pay, etc.

Product Suite Implemented

We implemented our solution based on Oracle to deliver a unified solution that connects the business objectives that they articulated.

  • Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud Service

  • Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Self Service Cloud

  • Oracle Procurement Cloud Service

  • Oracle Supply Chain Execution Cloud Service

  • Oracle Order Management Cloud Service 

  • Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Enterprise Cloud Service

  • Oracle Integration Cloud Service

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