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Industry: Public Sector


Croydon Council had been using heterogeneous systems to manage their HR and Payroll processes. They partnered with Evosys to automate their back-office operations to make them more agile, efficient, and productive. With Oracle Cloud solutions, they were able to move to a unified back-office system for better reporting and processes standardisation.

About London Borough of Croydon

Croydon Council is a leading local government authority in Greater London providing an extensive range of public services to its citizens. These services include education, business services, benefits and council tax, leisure and parking, rubbish and recycling, social and adult care, housing, and planning & building control. They are headquartered in the UK with more than 3800 employees.


  • They needed to find a way to improve the efficiency of the existing processes and deliver services to the community in a digital way. They wanted to provide a better internal reporting system and measure its impact and response rates across the complicated estate they managed.

  • Due to a lack of strategic decision making over the IT infrastructure investment in the past, they were facing a lot of incoherencies in the overall IT environment, in the present. This had rendered a situation where it was extremely complicated and expensive to maintain as well as develop the system to provide value to the Council and the citizens, alike.

  • They wanted to design a solution that would reduce the organisation-wide overhead, remove the poor data quality hampering the Council’s decision-making, and eliminate the issues around the Council's lack of reporting & KPIs.

  • They needed an incremental service improvement, meant to revolutionise the approach to service delivery, improve transparency, and drive conversations around investment based on factual data.


  • As with all large-scale projects, the Council purchased an initial set of modules to cover the core services from Oracle. Evosys then worked with the Council to evaluate any additional modules concerning the value of the community, impact on cost, time, risks, and benefits of the project.


  • After the implementation was done, the Council was able to standardise and automate its business processes. Moreover, they now had a single integrated Oracle ERP system covering Finance, HCM, and their associated functions.

  • As the new Oracle Cloud solution was adopted, the Council was successfully able to apply the self-service working practices within the organisation.

  • The simplicity of Oracle Cloud solutions with added relevant modules and functionalities reduced their overall operations cost.

Value addition by Evosys

  • Evosys’ iterative, incremental and agile implementation methodology enabled fast delivery with cost-effective solutions.

  • Given the strong collaboration between Evosys and Oracle’s LG sales teams, we were able to drive forward the real value to the Council in terms of implementation and providing the right solution.

  • Strong understanding of One Oracle Authority for data and reports was major culture internally for the Council. It grew as people began to recognise the benefit of the approach. The more the user community backed the approach, the stronger this ethos became and the more value the solution was able to add.

Why London Borough of Croydon chose Evosys?

Evosys global experience and credentials in the Oracle Cloud market provided a safe pair of hands to the Council. We ensured that the investment they made was shown through the key metrics that they tracked. Additionally, positive feedback from Lambeth/Lewisham delivery and our close working relationship with Socitm Advisory were also the factors of the partnership between the Council and Evosys.

Solution Employed

  • Oracle Human Capital Management Base Cloud Service

  • Oracle Payroll Cloud Service

  • Oracle Goal Management Cloud Service

  • Oracle Learning Cloud Service

  • Oracle Performance Management Cloud Service

  • Oracle Talent Review and Succession Management Cloud Service

  • Oracle Time and Labor Cloud Service

  • Oracle Workforce Compensation Cloud Service

  • Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud Service

  • Oracle Taleo Scheduling Cloud Service

  • Oracle Career Development Cloud Service

  • Oracle Employee Wellness Cloud Service

  • Oracle Financials Cloud Service

  • Oracle Financial Reporting Compliance Cloud Service

  • Oracle Expenses Cloud Service

  • Oracle Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service

  • Oracle Advanced Collections Cloud Service

  • Oracle Automated Invoice Processing Cloud Service

  • Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition Cloud Service

  • Oracle Advanced Financial Controls Cloud Service

  • Oracle Procurement Cloud Service

  • Oracle Purchasing Cloud Service

  • Oracle Supplier Portal Cloud Service

  • Oracle Sourcing Cloud Service

  • Oracle Procurement Contracts Cloud Service

  • Oracle Self Service Procurement Cloud Service

  • Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud Service

  • Oracle Project Financials Cloud Service

  • Oracle Project Management Cloud Service

  • Oracle Project Resource Management Cloud Service

  • Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service

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