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About Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka

Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka Pvt Ltd is the third largest mobile service provider in Sri Lanka. As of June 2021, they had approximately 4.21 million subscribers in the Sri Lankan market. They provide a wide range of products and services via 2G, 3G and 4G channels on the island.

Hutchison is a local subsidiary of Hong Kong-based CK Hutchison Holdings Limited. CK Hutchison is publicly listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with operations in 50 offices and employing 300,000 staff globally.

Business Objectives

Hutchison's current ERP system was heavily customized with multiple integrations which resulted in inaccuracy in the reports. However, CKH (their parent company) was looking to consolidate all its global entities to have a single point of truth and implement a uniform policy throughout its global operations. To enable this, they chose Oracle ERP Cloud for its complete cloud suite and advanced capabilities of AI and analytics. They wanted to automate their manual processes and real-time analytics to make informed decisions.

The successful implementation of Oracle Cloud applications would allow them to modernize and digitize their entire back-office operations, enabling them to offer a better customer experience to their subscribers.

Implementation Journey

After the project went live, the Hutchison team closed 3 months’ accounting without any backlogs (all transactions took place online). The scope of this project required us to deliver a total of 28 touchpoints.

The entire project involved multiple stakeholders: Hutchison, CKH, PwC, and LOIT. Team Evosys had to manage the expectations of the global team (CKH) as it was a big team and based in the Hong Kong head office. The Evosys team continued to conduct multiple learning sessions as Hutchison continued adapting new ERP practices as per business requirements.

A major issue that persisted during the implementation journey was because of limited LOT and serial batches (LOT batch number is a unique number of entire produced series). Hutchison could provide only 10,000 LOT and serial batches from the frontend; to add to it, the FBDI (File-Based Data Import) upload took more than 50 minutes for 50,000 batch numbers. Meanwhile, on average, Hutchison creates GR (goods receipt) of 4 million numbers per week. So, we undertook data reconciliation between Data Warehousing (system) and ERP and enabled 1 million assets migration, and we were able to overcome all of this in the set timeline.

Business Benefits

Oracle Cloud applications' implementation gave Hutchison a single unified business process, ensured uniformity across its global entities, and helped key stakeholders make informed, data-driven decisions. The new Oracle ERP system enabled the team to make real-time entries, so they could close their books early to record month-end accruals.

We enabled Finance Process Automation by digitizing all finance-related functionalities such as Procurement, PR/ PO, Revenue, etc.

Oracle Cloud ERP ensures the right information is accessed by the right people at the right time. The client achieved automatic data transfer, real-time information reconciliation, and faster financial information for quicker decision-making. The client team was able to achieve tight control on managing the inventory, purchase order prepayment processes, as well as auto application with PO invoice creation. After automating receipts from their original sources, Hutchison could complete the loop in the accounting system. These reports can autonomously reconcile with account statements, reflecting accurate business operations and internal controls.

Why did Hutchison Choose Evosys?

  • Hutchison chose Evosys as their Oracle Partner for our proven track records.

  • Evosys' prior implementation experience in the Telecom vertical.

  • Evosys has a global presence in 40+ countries, supported by a large team of 2000+ highly skilled Oracle Cloud consultants.

  • Our transparent and accommodative support during implementation was valuable.

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