Products: Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS), Oracle Financials Cloud Service

Industry: Healthcare - Senior Living

About Garden Spot Communities

Garden Spot Communities is a not-for-profit, state-of-the-art organization that opened in 1996 as a continuing care retirement community in New Holland, PA, USA. It provides abundant opportunities for residents to live meaningful and purposeful lives. As a non-profit continuing care retirement community, Garden Spot Communities places an emphasis on creating an environment of fellowship and caring; on meeting the social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs of the individual.

About Project

The client wanted to automate their existing manual process and see how this transformation can impact their accounting, personnel management, and overall internal functioning. The new generation of employees is looking for a higher level of interaction within the organization and with the systems, so the customer’s goal was to maximize every employee’s contribution toward a lean organization. They wanted to improve user experience and provide state-of-the-art technology for employees and managers to interact with the system anytime, anywhere. They have already moved from hardcopy files to legacy systems, and now, they wanted to move to Oracle Cloud to automate their accounting, personnel management, and overall internal functioning.


  • Garden Spot wanted to alleviate manual budgeting to support statistical resident days/ meal counts they account for, to aid with budgeting and workforce planning.

  • They were unable to pull reports for planning for employees/staffing across locations.

  • Centralization of extremely fragmented and disparate systems was essential to improve accuracy and cost transparency across the organization.

  • The existing system was not scalable to support growth and business expansion.

  • Garden Spot Communities wanted to improve user experience and provide modern technologies with self-service functionality for employees and managers to reduce time and effort.

Business Benefits Achieved After Oracle Cloud Implementation

  • The Oracle Cloud Application provided them with the ability to automate, streamline, and centralize all reporting, financial processes, budgeting, and workforce planning.

  • A part of Oracle EPM, Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) supports enterprise-wide planning for Garden Spot Communities. They are now able to incorporate additional locations to support growth and expand their consulting business.

  • Oracle Financial Cloud Solution supports a smart view feature that links with Excel, which helped them to quickly create reports.

  • Garden Spot Communities can now provide a specific subset of reports or dashboards that their department heads can access at any given time.

  • Evosys team had built workflows and drove automation to enable a transaction to go forward without having to touch the screen.

  • Oracle pushes out quarterly updates that are automatic, which deliver high business value compared to on-premise models.

  • Oracle offers an integrated business solution, i.e., it is a single data model, which doesn't require you to move data around to manage it. So, the client now has a single source of truth that everybody can see.

We partnered with Evosys and they did exactly everything we were looking for.

Nate Webber - Controller, Garden Spot Communities


  • Users are fully mobile-enabled, putting business processes in their hands with smart devices and phones.

  • Chatbots streamline and speed business processes and access to management tools in a quick and effective means.

  • Candidates can use their mobile devices to completely interact with the organization during the recruitment, interviewing and onboarding processes, enhancing communications, and reducing time to hire.

Why did Garden Spot Choose Evosys?

  • Close alignment with the Oracle sales team and tight joint sales execution.

  • Comprehensive solution supporting implementation timeline.

  • High credibility for Evosys expertise developed during the sales cycle coupled with value-based pricing.

  • Solid references to support Evosys' strengths in the non-profit market.

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