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About American Diabetes Association (ADA)

ADA is a non-profit organization that has been operating for more than 75 years. It aims to prevent and cure diabetes and improve the lives of all the people affected by it. ADA specializes in Diabetes Education, Research, and Advocacy. It has a network of more than 1 million volunteers, and a membership of over 500,000 people with diabetes, their families, and caregivers. It has a professional society of 14,000+ health care professionals with more than 800 staff members.


ADA wanted to transform their current processes without disturbing their existing ecosystem and empower their employees, processes, and departments.

  • ADA had two different systems and applications supporting their HR cycle. This led to data discrepancy. Hence, they were searching for a unified solution.

  • A lot of their repetitive HR processes were being done manually, leading to reduced productivity and increased efforts.

  • It was important to have a uniform interface between Oracle HCM Cloud and the Ceridian Payroll system. Without functional design changes, ADA was unable to identify its critical milestones, requirements, and deadlines.

  • ADA lacked a streamlined recruitment process. Due to this, they were unable to track, filter, process, hire, and onboard the right set of candidates.

  • The existing featuring system did not cater to the needs of specific regions. This ultimately led to an increased cost and time.


  • Evosys replaced ADA's two current systems: Kronos with Oracle Time & Labor and Absence Management and Ceridian with Oracle Global HR and Benefits for targeted communication.

  • We developed an interface between Oracle HCM Cloud and the Ceridian Payroll system. Evosys team created a customized functional design to identify critical milestones, requirements, and deadlines in the HR process.

  • Oracle HCM Cloud also enabled automating the repetitive manual tasks of the existing system.

  • For a streamlined recruitment process, our team defined the Job Structure considering ERP Approval Authorities. Additionally, we developed a sophisticated Application Tracking System (ATS) to track, filter, process, hire, and onboard candidates. ATS enabled ADA to move from centralized to limited decentralized hiring.

  • We presented a featuring system tailored as per the needs of specific regions. For this, the Evosys team developed Custom Rules to accommodate State Rules in Time and Labor Calculation.

  • The new system had Custom Reports helping improve the availability of information.

  • Our team handled the expectations of Standard Integrations between HRMS and Oracle Taleo. We managed to change business requirements and developed automated routine processes that helped ADA save time and cost.

  • Our support also included SSO-enabled solutions.


Providing a futuristic solution requires mapping all the client requirements and making information and reports available that strengthen the decision-making process. This is how Evosys helped ADA:

  • The implementation of Oracle HCM Cloud improved the availability of information and reports. ADA could now access more accurate data in less time.

  • After implementing Oracle HCM Cloud, ADA could use a unified single platform to access all the data. It helped improve planning, forecasting, profitability, and guarantee data accuracy.

  • This implementation automated activities to mobilize internal processes quickly. We built interfaces to update the third-party systems. Our team also created systems that addressed all the process-related challenges.

  • Our team developed a well-integrated suite with Oracle HCM Cloud data flowing into Taleo and Taleo data into Taleo social sourcing. This reduced the time and cost right from recruiting to onboarding.

Value addition by Evosys

  • Irrespective of recurrent changes during the KUT phase, our team successfully completed the implementation.

  • We offered reliable workarounds to meet specific requirements.

  • With the help of our Evosys Glide approach, we successfully completed the integration of the Oracle Cloud suites along with additional data provided.

  • Support issues were resolved quickly throughout the life-cycle of the project: during implementation, at the time of go-live, and post-live.

Why did ADA choose Evosys?

ADA wanted to partner with someone who has a proven and tested approach to implement Oracle Cloud solutions, specifically Oracle HCM Cloud. Our seasoned team of certified Oracle consultants provided support to the ADA team at any time. Moreover, our credentials as the Oracle Cloud implementation partner and transparency with the Oracle sales rep market encouraged ADA to partner with us. Our extensive experience in implementing Oracle HCM Cloud globally made us a preferred partner of choice.

Solution Employed

  • Oracle Financials Cloud Service

  • Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud Service

  • Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud Service

  • Oracle Workforce Management Cloud Service

  • Oracle Java Cloud Service

  • Oracle Database Cloud service

  • Innovative PaaS Solutions

  • Oracle Accounts Payables Cloud Service

  • Oracle Accounts Receivables Cloud Service

  • Oracle Cash Management Cloud Service

  • Oracle Fixed Assets Cloud Service

  • Oracle General Ledger Cloud Service

  • Oracle Expenses Cloud Service

  • Oracle Taleo Onboarding Cloud Service

  • Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service

  • Oracle Time & Labor Cloud Service

  • Cloud FSG

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