The 'Integrated TIS and CISO Organization' story is as much a high point for tech executives as it is a lighthouse for determined accomplishment amidst rough waters.

In early 2020, a successful co-existence of two organizations, Mastek and Evosys was in the works. Abhishek Singh, President, Mastek, recounts, "What makes our merger story unique is the singular focus of all important stakeholders on key aspects. Security is horizontal and is of paramount importance and has to be operated at the highest common denominator. We were fully aware that IT infrastructure-wise, we were on different islands altogether but we were clear early on that we would go on synchronizing our approaches."

Synchronization is driven most successfully by bringing into existence indivisible platforms where the two entities make a conscious attempt at developing a universal set of policies, processes and operations. IT infrastructure is one such area that requires synchronization to drive standardization, quality of service and compliance.

"Synchronization enhancement security", he adds, "is a high-level complex change management system that requires intense debate and testing, along with stake holders buy-in. We took a phase-wise approach and conquered all the hurdles painstakingly... that came our way."

True to word, today the IT infra of Evosys' Digital Commerce business is integrated with the mothership i.e., Mastek. Integration was accomplished by the collaboration of Evosys and Mastek teams spread globally under the shadows of a worldwide pandemic!

As they say, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger and that's exactly what happened – Abhishek continues, "we catalogued this experience to build a methodology of post-acquisition-integration of IT Infrastructure and Systems including, but not limited to, the above areas. As we acquire assets through inorganic route, this methodology will help speed-up the process of achieving common infra and synchronized network."

An operation of this scale requires the support and dedication of people all around.

Dr.Mahesh N Juttiyavar, Group Manager TIS & CISO was functional in making this integration possible. During a conversation he eagerly mentioned, "we started the IT Infrastructure and Information security integration journey between Mastek and Evosys with a goal to migrate Evosys' IT infrastructure and security practices. We navigated a host of challenges - cultural differences, skill-gap, staffing issues, etc. We didn't shy away from these, rather took them head on and marched ahead as ONE team. This is a great example of efficient collaboration which enabled the team to successfully complete not only migration-related activities but also enhanced the skills of Evosys’ IT team to manage enterprise IT networks."

When there's assimilation of assets, infrastructure, knowledge, resources and objectives there's a huge scope for vulnerabilities to creep in and therefore the TIS integration is a big element of our success story.

Rakesh Raman, COO, Evosys had the last word when he aptly stated, "TIS Integration is an important cog in the wheel for the unification of Evosys with Mastek. Change as we all know is the easiest thing to preach but one of the most difficult things to execute and we are fortunate to have a motivated team at Evosys who is embracing this change with a positive outlook with immense support from Mastek’s TIS team and Management."

Time will run its course, and the newer wave of employees might encounter situations where at first the objectives might seem unachievable; however, the Integrated TIS and CISO Organization will forever serve as a reminder and a guide that 'ain't no island far enough' for our team of committed employees to bridge the chasm. It's possible, we can and we did!

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